An Open Letter to My Future Wife


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An Open Letter to My Future Wife

To My Future Wife,

I penned this letter now instead of later because I want to thank God in advance for you. I already know you’re going to be an amazing woman. You’re going to be exactly what I prayed for. And by the time I meet you, I’m going to be everything you need me to be. So, whoever you are, wherever you are, here’s an open letter I want to send to you, for all to see. You will be a testimony of my patience. I hope that your heart is open to receive these words.

I know that you’re probably in another situation now. Maybe you’re trying to work things out with the guy you’re with. Maybe your heart is healing from the terrible breakup, a relationship you invested a great deal of your time and energy in. Perhaps there are some other personal issues going on in your life that are preventing you from walking into mine. Maybe we just haven’t met. Whatever’s going on in your life, there’s no rush. God’s timing is perfect. We will grace each other’s eyes and touch each other’s heart at the right time We will enjoy plenty of days and evenings together, whether conversing about life, laughing about something silly, or doing something we both enjoy.

I want you to know that wherever you are in life, I’m praying for you to experience wholeness. I want you to be complete and happy, and full of joy before you meet me. I’m going to look at you as a complement to my life—only to add to it, never to subtract from it.

You’re not the only one who’s being prepared for marriage. While I’m waiting on you, God is shaping me into the man he wants me to be for you: A protector and a provider, a great communicator, and a spiritual leader. He also wants me to be a great lover, a man who can make love to the deepest parts of you, and who can also be intimate without physical touch. He’s molding me into a man who’s transparent, and vulnerable—vulnerable enough to accept you in my life without the reservation that comes from the fear of being hurt. He’s building my trust in Him, so I can fully trust you, my love. My heart. My blessing.

I want to end this letter by saying this: I look forward to developing a wonderful friendship with you—one that’s based on open and honest communication, unyielding trust, respect and adoration for each other. I want us to have a prayer life, because it’s going to draw us closer together and open our eyes to see the God in each other, for our intimate relationship with him will prove to be enriching to our souls, and to us, as a whole. I look forward to learning everything about you. I want to know the woman behind closed doors that many seldom see. I want to know what’s inside your heart, because that’s where your true treasure lies. I want to know what’s in your spirit, because that’s where your true beauty lies. I want to know you before I propose to you. I want to find absolute security in you before I ask, “Will you?” and before you say, “I do.”
Until we cross paths, don’t rush love. We’ll find each other soon. I know it. I can feel it. I’ll see you soon.

Yours Truly,

David Bradshaw


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