Unconditional love is self-sufficient, because it can still love when one grows tired in loving or when love is not felt from another. It’s like the backup generator that surges power back into a relationship when other areas of love fail. It would still attempt to hold a hand when another offers a cold shoulder.-Melvin Davis

When you’re able to love someone unconditionally, you love them without conditions. Loving a person on the conditions of what they could do for you increases the chances of experiencing hurt, and that’s not the say your significant other shouldn’t be putting forth the same time and energy, but if you don’t receive the same love you thought you should, love anyway. Loving unconditionally has the power to change another without your request and without their consent.

There will be times when lovemaking suffers a drought, and this natural because the body grows tired and emotional imbalances do occur (stress from work and life in general), but can you still love when you’re simply not getting any? This could be a challenge for some– especially for men.  Can you still feel loved if your significant other is not sitting beside you on the sofa? Like me, some people need their personal space to be who they were before they met you. So, instead of suffocating another with your conditions, allow them to be free, unconditionally.

Arguments or disagreements are inevitable. You will have disagreements some way or another, but what happens when you try to make up by offering a hug or attempt to hold your significant others hand, and they offer you the cold shoulder? Experiencing rejection from someone you love can be damaging to the ego. But I say, continue to offer love without reservation. Why? Because unconditional love has the power to convict someone deep within their heart, and they’ll have no other choice but to listen to the voice of love and open up to you.

Loving unconditionally is not an easy task, but if you commit to it, you’ll be glad that you did.


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