A woman’s loving is therapeutic.–Melvin Davis

The presence and the beauty of a woman inspires 99.9% of my writings. This sounds cliché but, women are God’s gift to man.

At points in my life, even up until now, I have gone periods of time without experiencing some level of intimacy. And what’s funny is that, last evening I was having a conversation with a woman about relationships and my book. She admit, or rather offered advice to me indirectly that, “you need to come back down to earth to converse or hangout with a woman to feel like a man every now and then (lol).” I agreed with her all the way and told her, “I have.”

Being single is tough. I don’t care how spiritual you are–you’re human. Whenever I go long periods without spending time with a woman, and this is because life needs my undivided attention or currently, my novel, it pulls on me. There comes a time I must return to the presence of a woman because her loving is therapeutic. If I were to revise this quote, it would read like this: A woman’s presence brings healing.

“Loving” in this quote doesn’t necessarily allude to sex, but simply being in the presence of a woman, exchanging ideas and beliefs: a companionship to say the least. There’s just something magical about a woman’s loving that unwrap the covers of my spirit and brings about something therapeutic. Maybe it’s her touch, charm, nurture, gentleness, her views, her spirit–I can’t really put into words what I am trying to articulate now, but I know it’s an awesome feeling.



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