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A woman’s presence and spirit demands respect

Granted my intuitiveness and ability to operate on rational, emotional and spiritual spectrums, I am often aware of the company of men and women. In other words, I see a person beyond the surface of what they present to others and to me. So with that being said, I am aware of the power of a woman’s presence and spirit when– the kind of power that demands respect.

There are women that you cannot approach or talk to in any kind of way and this really has nothing to do with an attitude she carries to project a particular image she wants to portray, but a woman with a beautiful spirit of substance, doesn’t have to say a word to earn your respect…it will be instilled within you when you lay eyes on her.

I quoted once, and when you read my novel, Unconditional, you will see it again: One of the most beautiful things I ever saw about a woman, was not her external beauty or her mind but her spirit; from that moment attraction for me moved beyond the physical and emotional and into the metaphysical, her spirit. What I look for in a woman has been elevated because of that experience.

The amount of time a woman spends with her Creator will show in her aura. The beauty in her spirit will glow in her attitude, thoughts, and speech and in the way she carries herself. This sex appeal is out of this world! Now, I know you’re wondering, what’s sexy about a woman’s spirit? I’m more than welcome to share why.

1. When a woman demands respect you, it immediately places you in a position of humility and adoration. In short, you’ll be honored to court her because she’s a woman of respect…that is sexy to me.

2. She can also operate on rational, emotional and spiritual spectrums. Another way to put it, she’s a woman with personality, conversation/intellect and humor. A man with substance would have the opportunity to experience love and a friendship with her…this is super sexy.

3. She will not judge you by your imperfections or take advantage of your kindness, because she knows that you are a gift from above and that men or a man of substance like you is hard to come by in this superficial world. There’s nothing more sexy than having security in a relationship with a woman as such…this is ultra sexy!

A woman doesn’t have to go out of her way to demand respect if she is a woman of class; her presence and spirit will demand it of you without spoken words.

And as always, thanks for reading…please leave comments…I encourage them.


3 thoughts on “A woman’s presence and spirit demands respect

  1. olivia says:

    Thankyou for your amazing words, so encouraging at a time where I seek Him for intimacy and guidance in terms of my “womaness” which I pray will emerge from a place of worship. I am not a closet woman,but tall fit and very attractive, however I desire to here, see and emulate what God instilled to be the feminine desirable woman. The journey continues….

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