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Don’t ask her to let you into her heart if you don’t intend to stay forever.–Melvin Davis

When it comes to a woman’s heart, a woman of God, there’s no greater place a man could be. A woman’s heart is filled with love and joy, life and possibility,  faithfulness and an inherent positive energy and spirit that can fuel  you to become a better man. The right woman can make greatness shine through you..

As I mature in my understanding of love, so has my understanding of commitment. I understand commitment as something that should be bind with faithfulness and devotion, which grants the ability to be faithful and devoted to your lover.  It makes no sense to lay the groundwork of security, respect, transparency and your willingness to love her unconditionally if you don’t intend on staying forever.

Perhaps you’re not ready to commit, and that’s okay, just as long you’re clear and upfront about your intentions are for being in her life. Your honesty could prevent confusion, misinterpretation and heartbreak. But, if so you put forth the time and effort, the prayer and the energy, only to break her heart, then you have a right to vacate her premises asking for nothing back, the right to hold your apology and to not ask for a second chance until you have comprehend what you’ve done. And even when it’s all said and done, there’s still no guarantee that she will take you back, because she let you into a sacred place of her life and you hurt her.

A woman wants to trust you and she wants you to take a seat in her heart, so  she can experience love with you. She wants you and her to be an example of God’s blessing, a clear, but not perfect picture of what true love really looks like. She anticipates showing off her testimony, which is you, to her family and close friends. She wants to take pride in who God blessed her with.



16 thoughts on “Don’t ask her to let you into her heart if you don’t intend to stay forever.–Melvin Davis

  1. Another good post Melvin. A lot of us women are too quick to open up our hearts only to be let down because he had other plans. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to stop. Men need to quick playing games and women need to be more careful who they let in ((((and vice versa)))).


    • Melvin Davis says:

      I would respect a woman more if she was upfront of where she stands emotionally. Months ago, the woman that I met, I simply shared wit them that I was not available emotionally, which to a small degrees, is still the case. I think people are afraid they’re going to lose someone if they don’t put all of their cards out on the table. If a woman was honest with me, lets say for example, if she hasn’t gotten over her last boyfriend or still hasn’t healed from her last relationship, I would be understanding and would not pursue something beyond a friendship. Giving someone the opportunity to stay or leave brings a great deal of respect, more importantly, it builds a strong foundation of friendship.

      • Right!!!! My ex-husband took my decision away when he decided to NOT tell me he had a child that was conceived months before we separated. The thing is this: while we attempted to reconcile, he never once told me about the little girl. I found out because the crazy baby-mama stalked me on FB. I say that to say I agree wholeheartedly. People need to stop making decisions for people and give them the opportunity to make it themselves. Had he been honest and let me decide, it MIGHT have gone a different way. Ijs

  2. Wow, this is an amazing piece! I’m a new blogger and it’s amazing to hear that there is a man out there who does appreciate the wants and needs of a woman. There are so many men who pursue women with no intention of moving forward with her, but nonetheless string her along in a web of heartbreak. However, I do agree that women need to tell a man what she is looking for before becoming vulnerable to him. Communication is key in a relationship, thus if both parties cannot communicate what they are looking to get out of a relationship, they are both responsible if the outcome is negative.

    • Melvin Davis says:


      To be a good at anything requires good listening skills. So, I try to listen to what women are saying, and try my best to interpret what they’re not t saying to better understand their wants vs. needs. Have I mastered the art of listening to women? Not at all lol, but I’m willing to try.

      Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. photosforu says:

    Good word, man. Thanks for being mature enough to share it. Too often, we (men) focus on the wrong priorities in a relationship and don’t realize that if we have her heart, we’ll have the rest of the things we say we want….

  4. I have to say that this is one of the few blogs that I’ve seen where ‘common’ knowledge is being fruitfully shared with our brothers for spiritual digestion. So many men that I’ve talked too through out my years are under this mistaken misconception that good love making and lots of money will keep them in a woman’s good graces. Failing to grasp the concept of true love itself. Love goes beyond the bedroom, and one’s checking account. It goes beyond one’s clothes, looks, physical build and career; because its deeper than the superficial surface and has no price tag attached. Our men (black men) need to hear more of this, and this lesson needs to be taught to our youth. I thank you my brother for brining this message forward.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Thank you for stopping by to give my blog your undivided attention.

      Love, as I’ve come to understand with emotional and spiritual maturity, I believe, is truly something spiritual: you can’t sustain what is spiritual solely by natural means. The physicality of love/ and or physical expression, is the surface of what should look like, but those simple things like communication, that encompasses both listening and talking, the thoughtful gestures like leaving a special note somewhere for that special person to find it at a later time, praying with one another and maintaining faithfulness and devotion, more importantly, loving each other unconditionally, are a few things that will keep a relationship growing and reaching new plateaus.

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.



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