A Woman Will Receive What She Reflects

How a woman sees herself will have an influence on what kind of man she will accept in her life. You will receive what you reflect.– Melvin Davis

To echo some of the content in my blog series “Signs: What She’s Not Telling You,” I made a statement that women are more emotional than rational.  Keeping this statement in mind, I want to take a few minutes to tie this into the topic: A Woman Will Receive What She Reflects.”

Since I am under the belief that women are more emotional than rational, the core of her emotional being has to be strong, if she is to attract a man that will treat her the way she desires to be treated.  I believe often times, women, as well as men who do not have the emotional stability to walk in confidence, will get lost in the charm and beauty of another. A woman must see herself as queen, nothing less. She has to walk with confidence if she wants to prevent any man from walking over her.

Most women end up receiving the bad end of the stick in relationships because they think less of their self. Low self-esteem will stop you from looking yourself in the mirror to say “I am beautiful,” and that “I deserve a good man.” Can you remember the last time you done this? Or, when was the first? A woman that lacks self-esteem can’t phantom practicing this exercise because they don’t feel they are worthy of enough to experience true, unconditional love. You have to believe in you if you want God to bless you what you deserve.

The woman that sees herself the way God sees her will never settle for less. Emotional stability, self-confidence and self-assurance is what you prevent you from getting lost in the charm and beauty of another. There’s nothing wrong with feeling a special kind of way when you’re in the presence of someone who makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room, a guy that makes you feel like you’re the best thing that ever happened to him, or vice versa for the guy. However, a woman who knows her worth will not exchange it over for a guy with good looks who will treat her poorly.

How a woman sees herself will attract what she reflects. Low self-esteem will have a guy run all over you. A woman that holds herself to the utmost respect and value will make a guy thinks twice about trying to run over her—that’s if he has a second chance.


8 thoughts on “A Woman Will Receive What She Reflects

  1. I am truly amazed at how on point this is. As a woman, I can sat that we ARE more emotional than rational. For me, I have had to learn to NOT make decisions when my emotions are heavily involved. I’ve also had to learn to be comfortable with my looks too. I’m a very humble woman and to verbally acknowledge that I’m beautiful to ME was a little difficult. I have since learned to accept that, which shows very humbly in my demeanor. I have seen how that draws men to me, and even some females, because I don’t overplay my looks and I dont play on them.

    But the one thing that stands out: a man will have the devil of a time trying to run over a confident woman who’s on top of her game!


  2. You once again have touched my heart! It’s amazing to see a man that understands something that women themselves are often times unable to see! I agree with you, a woman needs to value her own worth before having someone else do it for her. Being unaware of yourself is being vulnerable and that alone gives anyone man or woman to walk all over you!

    Great post!

    • Melvin Davis says:

      It’s great to know that I touched your heart.

      With reflection comes understanding and with admiration of a woman’s beauty power flows such word. That is to say in short, I truly value women. You all are the inspiration for my writing 🙂

      I think you just inspired me to write a blog…will post tonight or tomorrow night.

      • Melvin Davis says:

        I think anything, well maybe not anything lol, that is on this planet to advance humanity/and or a man, is gift from God. I value women because I value and see them as a gift from God.

        I am confident that God will bless me with a wife who truly appreciate, understand and love me, unconditionally that is 🙂

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