Love Lit With Passion

If my love for you had a height, it would reach the heavens

If my love for you were put under water, it would burn more passionately

When words filled with ice from those who think I’m crazy for still feeling what I feel for you, my faith melts it away

For some reason I just can’t let go

There isn’t a second that past without the thought of you in my mind

The more I force myself to let go the more I desire you

How could a woman like you have such an impact on me?

Where are you from?

My love for you is lit with passion to the point that it stirs my soul

I miss your smile and gentle spirit that thoughts of you livens my spirit

For whoever occupies your space that I wish to be, I hope he sees what I see

Because if not, I will respectfully ask him to step aside

You know that my love for you is lit with passion, so why don’t you put it out

If you cared for me, you would put my hope out of it’s misery and let me go free to truly love another

But until then, my love for you will continue to be lit with passion


5 thoughts on “Love Lit With Passion

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice you have placed so much on my heart about love, unconditional love and closure. Its wonderful to read about the issues on your heart and your heart appears to be gentle which is the total opposite of the men I have come in contact with. The men in my life my son’s and my brother are not hard and cold like most men and I do thank God for that. They respect a women because they love there mom, untie, sister and cousins. Well I have said to much. I have enjoyed everything I’ve read tonight about ten difference articles. I know your book will be bomb. I look forward to a good read.

  2. charry love says:

    Wow! I can only imagine how much you loved her, your words, images, & mental pictures describe a love that is deeper than an ocean, stronger than death, and bigger than life itself. I read your poems, and I’m taken by your love & adoration for her.
    Do you think you can ever love any other woman as much as you loved the woman, who inspired this poem, or even half as much. I have heard the saying, you experience love like this once in a lifetime, the other love you experience is also great, but can’t compare with the way you felt the first time you experienced true love. I wonder if that’s true.

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