What Moves Me About A Woman

 Women are the most beautiful beings in this universe. I confess with a 100 % honesty and sincerity, more than half of my inspiration of writing comes from my perception about women. A woman’s power and beauty is truly something to take notice of. –Melvin Davis

I pay attention to the small details about a woman that makes her beautiful and unique. From the way she walks in high heels, preferably red, does wonders to me, because red is a color that has instant sex appeal, class and sophistication with a slight edge, in my opinion. Pink is another color that moves me. Pink resonates gentle, soft, and borderline seductive/alluring. But of course these two colors could only warrant such attention from the right woman.

A woman with class is the kind of woman I would seriously pursue, for the reason that it gives me some insight about the way she carries herself and character. A woman with class is a woman that upholds herself to high standard in mind, body and spirit—I could see and feel this in a woman’s presence. I’m sure that I’m not the only man that feels this way, but this kind of woman makes you want to respect and approach her in a way that she views herself.

I would lie if I said that looks didn’t matter. I’m sorry, but it does. If I see a woman across the street, I’m not going to say, “whoah, she has a great personality.” But if her external beauty itself can light a candle without a match, I’m going over to introduce myself. Looks isn’t the only thing that matters, but it matters.

I won’t go into depth about what my preference is, but there’s a photo album on my Facebook page that gives some insight to my taste.

The kind of fragrance a woman wears compliments and adds to her femininity. I would also go on to say that it enhances her attraction and sex appeal: I don’t know the specific names of woman fragrances, and I really don’t ask unless I intend to purchase it for a gift. Anyhow, I do recall a woman wearing a fragrance by Hermes. I don’t know the specific kind from this company, but it sure did smell great on her. It was a soft scent–not at all strong…too strong is masculine, once again, in my opinion.

Spiritual substance is a requirement– nonnegotiable. Depending on where any person stands in there spiritually, will often influence their view and expectations out of life, as well as their ambitions, how they define unconditional love and more importantly, respond to life challenges. You’ll find yourself standing alone in a relationship with someone who cannot see that faith is required of you in certain situations. You may also find yourself with an impatient person because they have no concept of what it means to be wait and be patient.

Spiritual compatibility is important to me. I envision being with a woman who has a strong spirit and relationship with God.  I’m not suggesting for a woman to be a level of strolling the golden roads in heaven with celestial beings…that’s unrealistic, and more than likely, this kind of woman would be a holier than thou one (a major turn off for me.) I can’t imagine someone throwing a bottle of anointing cooking oil at me repeating “Man Thou Art Loose.” I’m gong to stand and look at you like, “really?” Or, you’re talking about “I receive that” after drinking a good cup of coffee or tea in Starbucks. I’m ending the relationship right there and walking out.

Personality ranks right on the level of looks. Anyone with a great personality can add balance to another’s life, and they could also be refreshing. Now, I know most of you hold the perception of me being “deep”, and you are right to an extent, but not to the extreme that you think. However, I will go on to say, for the most part, I am a thoughtful and reflective kind of guy with a sense of humor. But to be with someone who is identical to me will not provide balance. It will only prevent me from escaping my abstract world. And now that I think of it, I always went for the woman jovial and joyful spirited kind of woman, funny at her best, intentionally and unintentionally.

I think I’m going to stop here for now, but I may continue on with a Pt. II

Note: This blog isn’t intended to send a message that I’m trying to get a date. I thought I’d take the time to let you know how I perceive women.




10 thoughts on “What Moves Me About A Woman

      • Anonymous says:

        When you say a woman waits, in what curcmstances are you referng to. Patience is defined as long suffering. Is that what you mean?

      • Melvin Davis says:

        Particularly speaking, lets say, a couple planned to relocate to another state or city and patience is required of them. She may be ready to move, but God says it’s not time to. He received a clear direction to wait, but because she lacks faith, she may not understand why she has to patient.

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