YOU DESERVE MORE! Pt. I (The Introduction)

I reached another plateau of seeing a greater value within myself, as well as what I have to offer as a person, as a friend, and as a potential husband. I won’t bore you with all the specifics of my epiphany, but I will say, the more intimate time I spend with God in prayer, listening, and simply enjoying His presence, the more I learn about myself and see my value. Your Maker knows you better than you do, so why not spend time with you Creator.

As of lately, and this is not to say I’m actively pursuing someone or seeking a relationship, but I get the vibe from women, in conversation, that they want to be chased. To a certain extent, I could understand that a woman wants a guy to put some work in to gain her time and trust to have a dinner or a talk. I am in support of that. I don’t want anyone that’s easy or doesn’t present a challenge. However, I am under the belief that there is a distinction between pursuing and chasing. In short, and I have shared this time after time, when a chase is required of you, that which you are trying to acquire is running away from you or simply playing games or saying a little things here and there to keep you around while weighing their options. I am too good of a man to become anyone’s option. But when you are pursuing someone, the person is not running away from you. They’re acknowledging and taking your efforts into consideration with the intent to not mislead or hurt you. This person may also give you the time and the day. And if there’s another love interest in the picture, they will share this with you–thus giving you option to make a decision that’s best for you emotional well being. I can totally respect that about a woman.

I will pursue a woman, but I am not chasing one. I’m not chasing a woman because I don’t have too. The old Melvin would entertain a chase because I didn’t know who I was and my value in what I have to offer. The new Melvin is cutting ties without second-guessing. The older I get, the more precious time becomes. I’d rather be writing another book than investing my time into something that’s running away from me. I am not a conceited person, by all means, but I do know that I am not a bad good-looking guy. I know how to treat women. I have the kind of discipline to maintain faithfulness in a relationshp. I’m smart/intelligent. I have a great sense of humor. I have a clear vision and aim of what I want out life. I’m also dedicated to putting in the hard work and whatever it takes to get to where I need to be in life. I also a good grasp on what means to love unconditionally and what it should look like. I know that I would make a great friend and husband to my wife, so why should I entertain a chase. I deserve more, and I’m going to share why you do too in the next blog.

When you reach a point in life of knowing that you deserve more, you won’t chase anyone–no matter how good looking or good of a catch they are.–Melvin Davis


4 thoughts on “YOU DESERVE MORE! Pt. I (The Introduction)

    • Melvin Davis says:

      It’s important to realize your worth before you go out on a whim for someone else who doesn’t appreciate you or who wants to have you as an option. If you’re attractive, of course you will have more than one person who wants to date you, and that’s fine. But when a person strings you along to keep you as an option instead of giving you the option to depart, that’s not fair. It’s selfish. You have to take yourself off their shelf for them to realize your worthy. And if that person doesn’t after your gone, then that’s a sign you weren’t meant to be with them to begin with.

  1. That is a great epiphany and an even better gilt into the next steps of your journey. There’s excellence in knowing your worth and recognizing that God has a plan and then doing what’s necessary to execute the plan that has been laid out.

    What an exciting journey.

  2. charry love says:

    Sometimes I read your blogs and I am amazed at your level of confidence, strong sense of worth, & the great value you place in yourself. Honestly, I haven’t seen or met any guy quite like you, so the things you share in your blogs are new to me. I only see things like this in movies, or in novels but never imagined they existed in the real world. this post speaks volume about your character, and your standards of not compromising your values for any woman no matter what. I like how you said: “The older I get, the more precious time becomes. I’d rather be writing another book than investing my time into something that’s running away from me”.
    I have been following you for a while, and I have to say, you’re a wonderful inspiration to me and a great influence on my life.

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