You ever felt like you didn’t deserve a person because they had certain qualities you didn’t have or because they were extremely attractive, and you didn’t hold yourself up to that standard? I’ve been in that place before, and it’s surely isn’t a mental and emotional state to be in. I had a conversation with someone a few months ago and she said something that resonated deeply with in me. I honestly didn’t have a response to her statement of truth, but she gave me something to think about. She said, in paraphrasing: “you have to feel like you deserve her, and right now you don’t. Until this becomes believable in your heart, I won’t receive what your heart desires.” The more I thought about what she said the more this became clear to me that this was the case. I felt like I didn’t deserve the last woman I was sort of pursuing because I felt unworthy, insufficient, and not man enough for her. When you unstable emotionally, spiritually and in other areas of you’re life, on top of that, you don’t know yourself self-worth, it creates a huge imbalance. You will present an image to someone else that doesn’t truly reflect who you are.

A few weeks ago, I also had another similar conversation on the topic of deserving the best. I shed some light on my last situation and she asked why I didn’t feel like I deserved her. Besides the reasons I listed above, at that moment, I felt like it was something else beneath the surface that I wasn’t aware about, until I had this epiphany today this afternoon. I just felt in my heart that I deserve the best. This revelation didn’t came blindly out of know where, but it came by reflecting on who I am in God and what God has promised me. It also helps to know your value and to have a good grasp on who you are? How many you can honestly say you deserve your best without doubt?

So many people fall prey to someone who doesn’t want them, essentially because they don’t know they deserve the best. When you feel like you don’t deserve the best, you will chase someone who doesn’t care too much for you or appreciate who you are. Let’s park here for a moment: a person cannot and will not appreciate you if they have no desire to know who you. And if they don’t know who you are, how can you expect to them love who you are? It is extremely and urgently imperative to know your self-worth because if not, the cycle of heartache will continue to repeat itself. You will be the victim and they will be the victor. You will always find yourself in a “relationship” with someone who never had you at his or her best interest. You have to know you deserve the best to break this cycle. You have to know your value, and what you will and will not stand for (this needs to be communicated clearly to whoever). If you give someone the option to take you for granted, they will surely take you for granted.  It’s time for you stand up for you–not anyone else. Deserving best starts with you. If you have things within you that needs to be adjusted or completely changed, take the necessary steps to do, but not for the sake of someone else: you’re changing and making the adjustment for you. And if you feel insecure in certain areas in your life, strengthen them. You’re at you best when you are strong and confident—very seldom at your weakest. We all have weaknesses. I have a weakness. One would think I have it altogether, but I don’t. I am not perfect, but I’m wise enough to trust God in every aspect of my life and to lean on Him for strength, guidance, and direction. You are nothing without God, but with Him, you deserve the best!


Thanks for reading. And by all means, I encourage comments.

within you. You have to believe you are worth something wonderful.


8 thoughts on “YOU DESERVE MORE! Pt. II

  1. Julie D. says:

    I’m going through a rough time right now and I am so glad I read YOU DESERVE. It opened up my eyes in ways I thought it never would have. It definitely touched home. I appreciate great words that end up being inspiring. Thank you.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      It’s unfortunate to hear about your tough times. We all have tough times, But, you and I, as well as others, have to remain faithful to the things we have been promised in our lifetime.

      I’m glad this blog was inspiring to you. Keep smiling and thinking optimistically about life. Things will get better 😉


  2. Marie Henry says:

    It is very sad that some people don’t realize their value and worth and settle for anything. I am thankful everyday that I know my indentity in father wants anything less than the best for their child. We all should always aim for the best in every aspect in life, not just relationship. I know I am guilty of having moments of weakness but at those time I reach to Him for strength.

    Good writing Melvin!

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