Love is Healing Pt. II: How You Can Position Yourself to Experience True, Unconditional Love

Your chances are greater at experiencing true, unconditional love by experiencing healing before you say “I do.”–Melvin Davis

Instructions often come with any product that you purchase, even if it doesn’t make sense lol, as well as a warranty or the option to purchase one if there is some type of defect down the line. To interject my faith here, as a Christian, I believe that Christ paid a debt for my sins by dying on the cross. With that being said, going to back to the product under warranty reference, we are also under warranty because of Christ sacrifice, which means, any hurts or pains or defects or brokenness from the past, can be fixed. In order to experience true, unconditional love, healing must take place first before you decide to pursue or allow someone to court you.

Here are three ways to start loving yourself again:

  1. Reconnecting to your first and true love will start the healing process. What greater person to turn to than the One who knows you better than you do. We often look for the love in others and for them to define and set our value. As I mentioned before, the love you receive from someone else serves the purpose of complimenting you, not defining you. The love you will experience from that special person will bring out the better of you and enhance those great qualities you already have within.

2.  After you reconnect with God, you will start to see yourself the way God sees you. God thinks you are one of His greatest creations. The value He has set on you is a remarkable one. You are cut from the finest fabric of His creation. If you’re dating or married to someone who doesn’t see you the way God sees you, how is that person going to love you unconditionally?

The woman that God joins me with will be a gift, and it will be my responsibility to not treat her less than. The finest things in life will last when you maintain it and by never failing to refer to the instructions that came along with her, i.e., God.  By loving my future wife the way God sees her, will always put me in a position to love her unconditionally. The way I love her is the way I love myself, because we will be one. When I fail to love her, I fail to love myself

3. When you see yourself the way God sees you, you will begin to love yourself. Love is an action, not something that is hidden behind the realm of our emotions that we cannot see. Telling yourself that you love yourself is a way to awaken the love within you. By verbally communicating to the self that you are loved, will inherently send signals to your heart, which will then tell your mind you feel loved and that you are loved, while you’re waiting to meet the love of your life or waiting for love to ignite itself in your marriage. In other words, you are developing a heighten sense of self-worth and self-confidence. So when you come into contact with a person who doesn’t appreciate or value you, the love you posses within will enable you move on without feeling that you missed out on that person.

Learning how to love you again, or for the first time, will heal the wounds that you carry with you in life.

Remember, the longer you journey on in life wounded, the more difficult it will be to experience healing.  You have to love yourself to love again.


4 thoughts on “Love is Healing Pt. II: How You Can Position Yourself to Experience True, Unconditional Love

  1. Wow! I never quit heard it told this way before. Or maybe I have and my ears just were not open to receive it. A powerful insight into where you may be and how to get to where you want to be.

    This is an inspection of the inner you.

    Definitely like it.

    • Melvin Davis says:


      You’re one of my readers who understand that way I think, which makes it easier to understand my writing. Correct interpretation of myself and what I share on here puts a smile on my face.

  2. Chelsea Duncan says:

    “The way I love her is the way I love myself, because we will be one. When I fail to love her, I fail to love myself”

    I LOVE THIS! Thanks for being you.

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