In a land of green grass, I see black natural shiny hair lifted in the air as she danced to the tune of heavens music in the sun

I come closer and see the glow of your skin, the bright horizon in her eyes and nails painted with light pink polish

Her yellow sundress accentuates her undeniable frame

I continued to watch her from afar with a smile that was made visible unto life

Footsteps she heard and she turned around extending her hand. She knew it was I and

I joined her.

With reflections of each other in our eyes, made the imagery for this moment a special one

The gravity of our love pulls us closer together: Brown lips fits in between her caramel softness and souls intertwine with divinity

She holds me and I, her

We lay on white sheets observing the life around us breath and go about—fulfilling their planetary duties

She listens to my heartbeat on my chest as I stroke my hands through her hair

What she hears is her music and she pleased

The vibrations of my voice hummed to her spirit, stirring her loving slowly

She knew only I could do this

Her eyes revealed a story that she waited so long to tell, and I were the words in them


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