The Quality of a Woman. Pt I

A beautiful woman is not hard to find, but one with personality, spirituality, humility and the other things that makes up internal beauty, is. -Melvin Davis

As a sale professional at Ralph Lauren, I became well-informed about the pricing of clothing items. Apparel is priced on the make and the quality of knits and fabrics. Ralph Lauren’s purple label is the most expensive clothing line, following the black and then blue label, exactly in this order.  Furthermore, purple and black label apparel is hand made and tailored to compliment the body. The blue label apparel does offer a custom fit but clothing are made with sewing machines. In my opinion, I opt to frame the purple and black label clothing lines are made with a bit more precision, carefulness, more importantly, thoughtfulness. I don’t think there’s much effort involved in the make process using sewing machines. I’m sure you heard my favorite rapper Jay-z, as well as others, referenced the purple clothing line in their songs. Listen to Change Clothes.  It’s really that good to talk about, and I’m not promoting here by all means, but I feel this analogy is so necessary, timely and applicable to articulate the ramifications of how I view beauty, beautiful woman who is. I see art in beauty or beauty as an art I shall say. But let me continue on.

The purple label shirt could cost you in between $200-900 dollars, and if you’re talking suits, a thousand and up. Some customers have walked in the store I work at and laugh at the price when they pick up a sweater or shirt, but I can’t help but laugh with them and then explain the quality of the brand. “Made to Measure” suits, i.e., suits designed to fit your physique, which means, only you could wear them, no one else. Ready to measure suits could cost you $6,000 and up. I tried one of the suits on and I felt like superman lol. No seriously, I did. My confidence totally bust through the thermostat. And trust, when I reach that level of success that I can see and taste, I will become someone’s client at Ralph Lauren. Damn, I feel like I should modeling for them. “I’m just saying” too. Anyhow, back to the topic, you’ll be lucky to make a purchase in a Ralph Lauren store below $100 during our sales, but normally, more than likely, you’re paying top dollar but for top quality apparel.  It’s worth it…quality over quantity.

Cashmere is an expensive piece of fabric, mainly because of its lightweight and is able to keep you warm as oppose to wearing a heavy cotton garment. Cashmere is taken from different kinds of goats that live in very cold climates. Their fur is suitable for this kind of habitat.  If your hands ever graced a cashmere sweater, you’ll discover that it’s soft and delicate, and very comfortable to wear. Metaphorically speaking, I view the quality of a woman this way: A woman of quality is cut from the kind of fabric that not made by human hands or machines. Scientist and technology maybe able to duplicate cells or someone’s genetic makeup, but it will never be the original. A woman of God is tailored to fit perfectly into a man of God’s life, who’s also person of quality and of spiritual and internal substance. Her true strength and beauty is in her spirit, which shines through her external genetic makeup. It’s also fine with me to think cosmetics.  She’s has been bought with a price that not even she can repay, nor can any man that she meets. I’m sure you know what direction I’m heading in by now 😉 Moreover, a beautiful woman may have pretty face and a nice body, but what lies beneath the elegance of her dress, is what would make a man like me see longevity and not a few night stand stands filled with empty and insincere conversations–pretending like there’s something’s there and there isn’t, if the truth is to be told. There’s something enigmatic, divine, sensual and alluring about a woman’s presence that gives credence to her quality.

Please come back for part II. I saw someone earlier today that gave me some inspiration for this blog. I saw the closeness of her relationship with God, and what complimented that, was her elegance and sophistication of her look. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t lol. Maybe next time around.


6 thoughts on “The Quality of a Woman. Pt I

  1. Leeta says:

    Its only when you align yourself to the divine will of our heavenly father, that your true purpose is revealed. The beauty of any woman is discovered as she partners with Christ. For the Lord take pleasure in his people he beautifies the meek with salvation. Declaration, Direction, Determination brings about Destination

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