A heart remains broken if its still attached to the past.–Melvin Davis

I can’t go in full length in elaborating about this quote because I’m tired, but I will take a few moments to blog a few words before I head to bed. For quite sometime, I’ve been emotionally unavailable to pursue anyone seriously. Yes, I’ve dated here and there, fulfilled a desire or two, and as much as I tried, I wasn’t emotionally available, due to the aftermath of the last woman I encountered. She wasn’t a bad person, by all means but I believe her heart was with someone else. On top of that, I was just a fractured man having difficulty containing what I felt, and I became frustrated because I couldn’t express what I felt, and this had absolutely nothing to do with sex at all. Anyhow, all the while pursing something with her. I really wasn’t ready for a love or a relationship. She met a lesser and weaker me.

I still think she’s a divinely one of a kind, but I have to give my eyes and heart a fair shot of seeing and experiencing what I saw in her in someone else. When I love, I love hard.  When things don’t work out as I expected, it takes me a while heal. I can’t fathom how people jump in a out of relationships like hop scotch. My design is not but like that. I’ve only been in two relationships, all other encounters were just dates, and you can put that in quotation marks.

Naturally, when things come to an end with someone I deeply cared for, I reflect on my actions and other person to no end, and then I’m come to grips that I cannot change the past. My quotes and blogs are inspired by my reflections.

I’m starting to feel free now. I’m at place now of seeing the door of my heart open for someone to come in. I don’t know who she is, but I’m sure my Creator has polished me well enough thus far to get a well-rounded, confident and self-assured man, one who understands and knows what unconditional love looks like, who appreciates and understands the value of having a woman by your side, more importantly, she will also get a God-fearing man.

As of lately, I’m content, feel complete in God as a single man, and I still praise God having accepted the fact that I cannot change or undo the mistakes in my youth, however, I can free myself from the past so that I can avail myself to another woman. A month ago, I wasn’t able to do this. It’s impossible for me to give my heart to another woman and it desired to be with someone else. That would be totally unfair, and contrary to my character. When I came to peace with moving on from the past a few days ago, I felt relief and healing.

Whoever is she is, I want to you say to you “baby, my name is Melvin Davis and I’m ready”….I’m joking hahaha…well halfway.

Good night.


13 thoughts on “A heart remains broken if its still attached to the past.–Melvin Davis

  1. Willa Cooper says:

    My haart is smiling!….its been a long journey for you Melvin. I’m so happy that yoy are beginning to feel the sunshine on yiur face…….”I. Loved the ending….”baby, I’m Melvin Davis, and I’m ready!”…you get 20 cool points!….lol. …Have a blessed one.

  2. Julie says:

    Im also starting to do the same it’s a bit tricky for me but I know it’s possible with Gods help. Letting go of the past is the one and only thing I know that will open my heart and let all guards down. Good luck and I hope you find much happiness and love.

  3. Alicia says:

    I have experienced a very similar situation that you have described. It took me a long time for me to begin the healing process and to be able to analyze both parties in the relationship. I was at a point where I thought I was healed and could begin dating again, so I tried, and I wasn’t healed. Therefore, I took some time away from the whole dating scene to work on me and my heart so that I will be ready to give my heart to the man that God has for me. I can honestly say that I am heart has been mended and now I am ready to receive the man that God has for me, whoever he may be.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      I see you weren’t kidding about checking out my blog tonight. Good stuff!

      As I mature, I see the importance of timing in everything: love, discovering your purpose/career, when it’s to make move or take action or make some critical decision, whether minor or major, etc. Timing rests on the outline of our lives. I also think there’s a connection between communication w/God and understanding timing. If you have great communication with God, the better you’ll understanding His timing, and time of and in itself.

      I’m sure you’re excited to see the sun of the possibility of love entering your life again. It’s exciting for me, although I am not quite there. In any event, just to see the sun alone brings promise. I too wait for God to introduce me or reintroduce me to my soon to be lawfully wedded wife.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      And I’m sure, since yo have experienced healing, God show you who that wonderful guy is. I “think”, lol, ( I had to quotations around think) I saw something special last sunday.

      • Alicia says:

        Yes God has shown to me a wonderful man who isn’t like most of the men who approach me and who I talk to (this is a good thing). I can say that I saw something special this past week too.

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