The Quality of a Woman Pt. II: “Cashmere Thoughts”

There’s a certain kind of ambiance that provides insight to a woman’s quality. Her charisma and her aura, also weighs in on her beauty. —Melvin Davis

In part I of this blog, I used the analogy of cashmere, as in the fabric to paint a picture of how I viewed the quality of a woman. In short, I envision marrying a woman who is sophisticate and elegant in dress, thought and speech. Add that with a little edge and a jovial sense of humor, magic! Balance is a must! In this blog, I will want to further advance my painting of a woman of quality. By doing so, I’m going to use the woman that I saw two weeks ago as a point of reference. The image of her still lingers in my head. The unknown still has me intrigued. I love a challenge! Anyhow, I want to take a few moments to let my creativity and imagination dance in the rain of humidity. Read along poetically, if you will.

A brown skirt, black knee-high boots, a black top and black belt, long black hair, angelic eyes, a glowing caramel face, a beautiful smile and the fear of God in her spirit, is what pricked my romantic curiosity. I said to myself, “hmmm.” The kind of feeling and excitement that resonates within on the sight of beautiful woman doesn’t happen too often. But when it does, I must inquire and not become spectator. In peculiar instances, it’s not so much the touch of cashmere that brings comfort when you try it on, but the look of it alone provides an eye opener to it’s worth, an inclination that is worth taking it off the shelf.

What’s inside of you can be seen from others standing out. Everyone carries an aura that makes them who they are. I define aura by the internal energies that surround your spirit, which can set the climate between the interaction of you and another person. For instance, people often describe as a ‘charming/charismatic, “warming,” “calm,” “spiritual,” “gentle,” “reflective/thoughtful,” and some just say I make them feel extremely “comfortable,” I’m also described as few other things but I will withhold such “compliments’ for sake of not coming off arrogant. Some of these characteristics I’ve been described as– I honestly don’t see them within myself. I believe God has shut my eyes to fully see myself the way others to see me so that I would walk in humility while knowing I’m not bad looking enough to chase any woman, but moving on. These attributes can cause emotional/physical and soul-felt reactions within others. This is the effect that someone’s aura can have on you. What I intuited or felt, perhaps spiritually discerned from the woman that I saw, was a heighten sense of spirituality and purity. In other words, her worship to God exuded purity. And this doesn’t suggest she’s a perfect person. It essentially means she has a genuine and intimate relationship with God, and not so much of a mundane and religious one. I could also tell that she also has a warming personality, one that could make you feel comfortable with her tone of voice and an undeniable smile and sense of humor. Her outer beauty, i.e., charisma, and I would go on to say the “it” factor, is what draws people into her. However, I can also imagine that guys are intimidated by her looks for the reason that she’s highly attractive, but perception is just perception. I like to look into a woman’s eyes to see beyond the image she chooses to portray. The eye is a gateway to the truth of a person.

The ambiance and the aura is just another component to factor into a woman’s quality. I’d like to feel connected to her on a spiritual; intellectual and physical level but if the energy she gives off “unfamiliar, (a Jay Electronica bar aka rap) I don’t feel ya.”

A woman with a bad attitude makes horrible company, but a woman with positive spiritual felt presence, is simply beautiful.

I say thank you to the unknown woman that provided the inspiration for this blog.  To say your beauty was poetic would be an understatement but you put words on paper.


2 thoughts on “The Quality of a Woman Pt. II: “Cashmere Thoughts”

  1. charry love says:

    You really understand and speak the heart & mind of a woman. I am reading your post and thinking this guy gets me, even better than I do. You have really raised my thinking & standard on how I see myself, how I view men, & how I look at relationships. I’m gaining so much knowledge just by reading your blogs on what true love is & what it looks like. Now I am ready to apply this truth to my life.

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