Love, a cappella

Warm water chest high, drops of water fell from her hands as they rested perfectly around my face

Kisses on my soft lips, her eyes communicated to me, “all this for me”

“Yes,” were the sincere words the sincere that slide off my tongue

She laughs because she knows I know her all too well

She is one with me

Sublime beauty lay bare before my eyes. “You’re beautiful than ever,” I said

She smiled but the lovemaking that knocked on her emotions, deep into her spirit, summoned her undivided attention

Knees planted on sheer sheets, her being rendered unto mine

My eyes read “I’m going to make love to you”

My face left her soft lips, and moved to the teat, in harmony

Pluck after pluck, her mouth open but no words came forth

Kisses around navel, her back arched like a bow

The love in my spirit communicated to her, “I’m going to make love to you”

Gated parted

Such dabs warranted gentle moans, but no words came forth

Cherries and strawberries never tasted so good. I know my wife

My soft lips touch her again as I entered a warm home to lay next to a fireplace

Her mouth parted, no words came forth, but tears flowed from thine pretty eyes

Cuddled in sheets, her back felt the warmth of my chest

Her hands clenched onto mine because I was her security

I whispered “I love you,” and concluded the evening with a kiss on soft shoulders


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