A Second Chance

Impatience could not depart from me no matter how much I tried

It clung to my heart so tight that I pushed you away

You forgave me but you removed yourself from my life

Sitting on a bench, I saw your presence dissolve like fog in thin air

I got off the bench and walked in the opposite direction

Every now and then I looked over my shoulder still sensing your spirit

You weren’t there, so I continued walking

On bended knees I prayed, lying prostrate I prayed—asking God to remove remnants of you in my mind, heart and soul. He answered me not

I continue to ask, “Who are you? And where do you come from?” I’m convinced that you are not from this planet

You left fingerprints all over my heart—hoping the hand of God would erase them away. I can’t. I tried

Two years on the horizon, still your presence remains there

I open my heart up to others—hoping they would erase thoughts you but none have, at least for now

Although you forgiven me, if you’re reading this, I ask that you come back, make your presence known: I long to see your eyes and your beautiful smile, to hear your laugh and Caribbean accent, all of this makes you unique

Grant me a second chance, and I promise with the help of God, I will make the best of it


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