What Moves Me About a Woman, Pt. II

What Moves Me About a Woman, Pt. II

The mind and the spirit of a woman is her true beauty. It’s something that keeps a man and makes him respect her. —Melvin Davis

But there were pretty woman everywhere he traveled. Such physical matters were nice, yet, to him, intelligence and passion born of living, the ability to move and be moved by subtleties of the mind and spirit, were what really counted. That’s why he found most young woman unattractive, regardless of their external beauty. They had not lived long enough or hard enough to possess qualities that interested him. (The Bridges of Madison County, 42)

Robert Kincaid, one of the main characters in The Bridge of Madison County, is a character that resonates within me with such familiarity. He’s almost a splitting image of myself in thought, character traits and his perception about life, love, and the topic at hand, the beauty of a woman, at least thus far. I say thus far because I don’t want to regret the comparison later on as I read further along in the novel lol.

Robert Kincaid is a photographer. Like writing, photography is also another form of art: the time of day a photographer chooses to photograph and the particular season at a specific location to achieve his or her desired outcome. Also, the angle one captures a picture, as well as the creative process that goes into producing the final image of the photograph, is art within itself. Photography is what Robert Kincaid does for living. It brings him fulfillment and a sense of purpose in a way that writing does for me. To get to the point, the excerpt I quoted above is an identical perception I share with Robert Kincaid.  He acknowledges that external beauty is something worth to recognize, but it doesn’t define a woman: Her intelligence i.e., the mind, her spirit, i.e., her relationship with God, although Robert Koncaid doesn’t acknowledge this in the excerpt above. I want to spend my life with an intellectual and God-fearing woman, nothing more, nothing less, non-negotiable.

In part I of this blog, I highlighted some physical aspects about a woman that moves me. I’m sure, for those who have read part I, and aren’t accustomed to the view (s) I express about the beauty of a woman, may have concluded that I’m just a guy that looks at the exterior frame to determine a woman’s value, beautiful and definition. That’s not like me. Those who read my work now that I shed light on the internal beauty as well, and that’s what I would like to attempt in this blog.

Studying philosophy changed my mind forever, for the good of course. I haven’t been the same since lol. For the first time in my life, I became aware of how beautiful the mind is. As an M.A Philosophy student, I recall having conversations with one of my professors and mentor at the time. Yes I was focused on the conversations she and I were having, however, a part of me had a tendency to stand on the outside to look within to see how the mechanics of her mind and logic was working. In a non-perverted sense, I was a bit moved, not aroused lol. But the epiphany was like, wow. I like this lol. To see how her mind worked was beautiful. I became attracted to it. I could talk with her all day because I understood what and how she communicated and vice versa. Some people just get you and you get them. I’ve always been the intellectual kind of guy, but when it came to dating in the past, the beauty of the mind was something I wasn’t cognizant about. Not until studying philosophy.

A petite and curvy frame, glowing skin and a great sense down to earth humor, moves me, but a woman’s mind and spirit is what truly moves me. A woman’s mind is what keeps my attention because she provides intellectual stimulation and fulfillment, an opportunity to exchange information and ideas that would provide greater insight to she is.  I believe relationships are about growing and progressing further, striving to move beyond the goals you’ve set in your between each other. Relationships should never grow old, dull and stagnant, although you will suffer droughts here and there because of hardships of life. I used the analogy once that the exterior beauty of a house will make you stop and look at it. But the internal beauty, the exquisite furniture, a fire place, the paintings, the color of the walls, the texture and color of the furniture and how it compliments its surroundings, in essence, the interior design, when you look inside, will make you want to come inside and stay possibly forever.  A woman’s mind filled with substance, not so much book smart, but that and the ability to communicate effectively, to be open, honest and transparent, relatable and understanding, is what moves me. The mind shows you a virtual blueprint of how a person thinks, perceives their self, the people and the world around them. It also provides insight to their faith, their heart desires and ambitions and how they will respond to life challenges in relationship. This is important before you commit to someone.

Note: If the mind is shallow, it will attract and entertain shallow things.

Whether you know it or not, the spirit of a woman has impact on a man. To pull from the index of my experiences, when I was around this particular woman, I felt like I was in the presence of God. That alone moved me and made me view her with such admiration. I felt good, secure in a way that I could trust and confide in her the depth of my thoughts and feelings that I wouldn’t share with anyone. She was the kind of person I could share how my relationship with God is, which is extremely personal, because individuals who are religious are highly judgmental and have a tendency to misinterpret others. I could see myself being around her forever.

Well this concludes my mini series about what moves me about a woman. Of course there more behind what I share, but I think this is sufficient enough.

Men like me, by all means, don’t have a problem with a woman putting in the time and effort to look good. I love women who take pride in their outer presentation. I love women who sophisticate and elegant, but I also love a woman with a balance.

I hope you enjoyed some of my personal sharing. Feel free to leave comments






3 thoughts on “What Moves Me About a Woman, Pt. II

  1. Sandra says:

    LoL…Melvin…You got me on here bloggin’ now. Mostly just writing to express some frustration, hopefully my writing will get better as time goes on…

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