Melvin Davis

When it comes to a woman’s heart, a woman of God, there’s no greater place a man could be. A woman’s heart is filled with love and joy, life and possibility,  faithfulness and an inherent positive energy and spirit that can fuel  you to become a better man. The right woman can make greatness shine through you..

As I mature in my understanding of love, so has my understanding of commitment. I understand commitment as something that should be bind with faithfulness and devotion, which grants the ability to be faithful and devoted to your lover.  It makes no sense to lay the groundwork of security, respect, transparency and your willingness to love her unconditionally if you don’t intend on staying forever.

Perhaps you’re not ready to commit, and that’s okay, just as long you’re clear and upfront about your intentions are for being in her life. Your honesty could prevent confusion, misinterpretation and heartbreak…

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