You set a life for me to live, a standard that I cannot reach without you

I pray for a greater level of faith, and you provided the circumstance that requires it

Given the promise, the task that you have called me to, I know my faith must match its requirement

I still believe in my Gethsemane moment

Tears trickle down my cheeks because I feel the heat of pressure but still I trust

Who can I trust but you? No one. Who can love me like you? No one. Time after time, you allowed me to see this, and I’m thankful

There’s no turning back now; my faith has moved me to a place that I cannot to return to a place that I no longer call home

In you, I have comfort. In you, I have peace. In you, I am safe. Who or what can harm me?

I wait the day to receive the reward of my faith, but my relationship with you trumps all

I can see and hear clearly the words flowing from my mouth as I given account of the power of your presence in my life. I am the word from your pen. You are a wonderful and intelligible author. I love you prose

I already have when you set aside for me, but material things means nothing

This is actually a prayer of reverence that I prayed after my devotion a few moments ago.


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