Melvin Davis

There’s a certain kind of ambiance that provides insight to a woman’s quality. Her charisma and her aura, also weighs in on her beauty. —Melvin Davis

In part I of this blog, I used the analogy of cashmere, as in the fabric to paint a picture of how I viewed the quality of a woman. In short, I envision marrying a woman who is sophisticate and elegant in dress, thought and speech. Add that with a little edge and a jovial sense of humor, magic! Balance is a must! In this blog, I will want to further advance my painting of a woman of quality. By doing so, I’m going to use the woman that I saw two weeks ago as a point of reference. The image of her still lingers in my head. The unknown still has me intrigued. I love a challenge! Anyhow, I want to take a…

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    • Melvin Davis says:

      They sure do. I don’t know what other place to write from than that of my heart, my heart desires and my experiences, and the other things I come across in life that I view as art.

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