Learn Her Love Language of Intimacy and Love Her Accordingly, Pt. I

A way into a woman’s heart is through prayer. Pray with her.–Melvin Davis

You have to love a woman in a powerful, heartfelt, sincere, spiritual and unconditional way to make it impossible for her to leave you.–Melvin Davis


She is gentle, independent and strong. And because she possesses these attributes, a woman can face adversities in life on her own if she has to. However, it would be a kind gesture to let her know she’s not alone during difficult times. And that she doesn’t have to go outside of he relationship to find someone to pray with. I believe what constitutes a great relationship is incorporating spirituality into the equation of intimacy. Intimacy is the friendship; the closeness, the chemistry and the connection that will make a woman feel loved, appreciated and desired. It will also make it hard for her to leave you.

There are various approaches men use to develop intimacy with a woman. Some men try to couch their love for a woman in sex, which doesn’t quite work out often.  Sex will eventually get boring to her. It will become a habitual ritual throughout the course of the relationship. It will also open a door for her to be unfaithful because she really wants something meaningful. Other men use money to create a world of intimacy, however, even to the woman that never gets tired of being showered with gifts, living a lavish and fancy life, her heart will eventually roam to another man while she tries to keep the benefits of being spoiled. You cannot give money in exchange for love. At the core love and its purity, love is not physical, which means good sex or money sustain your love for a woman. I’m not denying that love cannot bee expressed physically, but an expression is an reaction caused by something internal or that which happens beneath the surface. Another way to put it, love is not physical. I motion that love is something spiritual. So if a man wants to develop something meaningful with a woman, he has to do something other men rarely do. He has to be the rare gem that stands out in her collection of experiences with other guys. A man has to be that which is refreshing to a woman, so that he could reconstruct her world and perception about love, relationships and men.  A man must speak a woman’s love language of intimacy with prayer, which is something spiritual, so that he can love her accordingly.

Praying with a woman in a relationship moves you closer to her heart but what can move you further away if you don’t. When she needs emotional and spiritual support, or just someone to pray with, and you have no desire or interest to, you will start to become insignificant in her mind—thus making her forget the reason why she gave you her number to begin with. A man should want to be the first person she turns to in prayer, because it shows that you are a spiritual leader. Praying with a woman will not only move you closer to her heart, it will offer her another reason to trust you and to feel secure around you. Trust and security will create a desire for her to give you her best.

In part II, I’m going to further into the benefits of a man praying with a woman.



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