Learn Her Love Language of Intimacy and Love Her Accordingly, Pt. II

Intimacy is a composite of special acts and sincere something’s that brings two closer together.–Melvin Davis


For some men, being intimate with a woman takes on many perspectives. Two that are very common are buying gifts and lovemaking, which is true to an extent. Men buy gifts for their significant other to show that they’re thoughtful and to simply put a smile on her face. There isn’t anything that needs to be said about lovemaking: self-explanatory. However, I want to add something to the equation, perhaps to broaden, maybe redefine for other’s, how intimacy is viewed and how to engage a woman in a relationship that will make the previous men she dated not add up to you. This isn’t a matter of a man competing with men in a woman’s past, but it’s one that will let her know why thing’s didn’t workout with previous guys.

Praying with a woman is one way to speak her love language of intimacy. One, you’re showing her that you want to be included into her personal relationship with God. While believers may come together to worship God in a building, but at home, when no one is looking, we have a private and special kind of relationship with God that we don’t allow others to see. Whenever a woman asks you to pray with her, she wants you to see her spiritual side and what kind of relationship with God she has. She also wants yours. Men have a tendency to think financial stability and good looks is all it takes to woo a woman. Not so. A man’s true strength and attractiveness lies in God, his relationship with God.

Two, praying with someone is a time of holding hands and listening to the matters of each other’s heart. Touch within itself is powerful, as well as listening. A simple hug can brighten up someone’s day or a pat on the back, but just imagine the power of touch and listening in prayer. The holding of hands in prayer lets a woman know that she’s not alone. So many women feel so alone in their relationships because their man doesn’t bother to offer prayer or a listening ear. When this happens, she will start to become emotionally detached. When you take time to just listen to a woman, in a way, her world stops. The fact that you’re actually listening to her as she confide in you the deepest feelings and joys about what’s happening to her will set you apart, because most men hear, but they don’t listen. Listening lets her know that you care and praying with her reveals your presence.

Three, there’s power in leadership. Whether women articulate this or not, she wants a man to be the spiritual leader of her relationship. Not to say that women aren’t leaders or aren’t capable of being a leader, history has proven this without argument or debate, but whenever a woman has to be the leader in a relationship, she is going against the nature in her place in a sacred union: God created man to be the spiritual leader in his relationship, not a woman, although she often when he man neglects his relationship with God. Note: when a man neglects his relationship with God, he will eventually start to neglect his woman. Your relationship with God will determine the success of your relationship. How you view God will reflect how you view your significant other. In other words, as I see it, God is a gift. The relationship I have with Him is a gift. Therefore, when God blesses me with a wife, a woman who is patient, carries herself in high-esteem, with integrity and respect, with elegance and sophistication, a woman who is God-fearing, knowing that I will probably make mistakes, it is my prayer that I will not take her for granted, nor will I neglect or mistreat. It will be my responsibility to love her in a triune way: in mind, body and spirit. Praying with a woman reveals that you actually have a prayer life. Meaning, you don’t just pray when you’re in church.

In closing, prayer works wonders in a relationship. I believe prayer is a woman’s love language of intimacy. There are many components that make lovemaking a spiritual and heartfelt occasion. Prayer is one of them. Prayer brings you closer to a woman’s heart. Prayer lets her know that she’s not alone. It also lets her know that you care. Show her that you care.  Praying with her shows that you love her.



7 thoughts on “Learn Her Love Language of Intimacy and Love Her Accordingly, Pt. II

  1. Jason says:

    after reading this, i can now view the workings of a relationship in a different prospective Prayer and love making are two intimate factors in building the bond between two people. The orchestration of loving making and prayer together will climax into a strong and healthy relationship filled with strength, happiness, and warm feelings

    • Melvin Davis says:


      You’re interpretation is accurate: When a couple prays that shows that have a strong communication in the natural and in their spiritual lives—both allows the two be in harmony with one another–thus making it easier for each other to express their self in a way of lovemaking.

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