Know how to treat and communicate with a woman before you decide to love her. –Melvin Davis

We gain knowledge from experience and vice versa. But, there are alternative ways of acquiring knowledge. And that is through prayer. I’ve been love, maybe once or twice. I never been married, but other than observing my parent’s marriage, I’ve acquired knowledge about how to love and sustain a marriage that have come through prayer. Wisdom is what I pray for more than anything because to me, it’s more valuable than money. Wisdom will position me to have whatever God intends for me to have, materialistically.

I pray to understand the nature of a woman so that I can love my future fiancé, and thereafter, wife, in a way that God wants me to loved. We ourselves really don’t know how we want to be loved because of our limited experiences of how we’ve been loved. It wise to ask God how to love your significant other because He knows him or her better than their self. I also pray for knowledge and wisdom of how to sustain a marriage when that time comes. And equally important, I pray for knowledge and wisdom to help others have a life-filled and passionate marriage. I write and share because I want people to experience unconditional love.

Love is powerful. I’m intrigued by it to the point that I approach it in a delicate, rigorous, passionate and unashamed way. I guess this why I have no regard to the criticism of others who may say I am sensitive for writing about the highest and ultimate human emotion. We are fully human when we love. We are at our best when we love. We are agents of change we use love to impact others. This is what I attempt to do in my blogs and novels I will write.

What I write about is not as deep as it seem. I’m just articulating some aspects about love and relationships by simple observation and reflection. I am putting to words what others overlook.

For me, women are the most precious beings on planet earth. They’re beautiful, rather complex and difficult at times, but I sure can’t live without them. I’m not a womanizer but I just know a little something about the power and beauty of a woman that inspires my writing. Beauty is art to me; therefore the beauty that sets before my eyes influences my writing.

It is imperative for a man to know how to treat and communicate to a woman before he decides to love her. The two elements will determine the success and failure of your relationship with her. Each woman has a love language of her own and a different way that she likes to be treated and communicated to. Learn her love language as well…you’ll thank yourself when you see her smile more often.


Treating and Communicating to a Woman


2 thoughts on “Treating and Communicating to a Woman

  1. Peace, Love, Fabulous says:

    So very true! Thanks for reminding me that there are some non-womanizing men out there. You’re writing is beautiful and it makes me smile to see you using your obvious gifts. Keep it up.

  2. Melvin Davis says:


    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog post.

    I’ve never viewed women objectively, which makes it difficult for me to womanize, degrade or treat women like sex-objects. And if a relationship between a woman and I never progressed to a a point of a commitment, the admiration and respect still remains 🙂

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