Many are gifted but only a few will pay the price to use it on a higher level.–Melvin Davis

I have learned, and still am learning, as I get closer to success, that there’s a certain level of responsibility that comes with being gifted or being called to do something that’s bigger than you. I have discovered, with foresight, that the place (s) where your gift will take you must meet your level of your faith. If your faith is small, your perception about you and you confidence will be.

There is a price you have to pay to have great level of faith.  Contrary to the biblical reference, “that you all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed.” I reserve room to believe this is God’s view of our faith based upon our challenges and given such circumstances. That yes, we need to have some, even if it’s the size of mustard seed, if we are ever to have hope of a particular situation changing. However, I maintain, the goal is to see the kind of faith God wants you to have—something bigger than the size of mustard seed. But again, there’s a price to pay for having such faith. Keep that in mind.

I believe in writing goals, whether short term or long term. There’s a blueprint of my success that I have drafted, in which I will share with my siblings when the time comes, as well with my future children, if I have any. My model of success is founded in spiritual goals and success in my spiritual walk with God. One of the goals on my list is to have a greater level of faith.

Amidst romantic and lovely “dovely” writing, and the informative blogs about cultivating healthy and strong relationships, I am fighting battles of my own. I literarily take each day at a time. I wake up in the morning seeking guidance and direction, and the wisdom and clarity to walk in the path I’ve been set to walk in. Before I rest, I give thanks for making it another day. This is a consistent in my devotional life.

I asked for a greater level of faith and the conditions have been set to develop it. Sometimes I ask myself, “why did I pray for this?” Then God answers, “this is what you asked for, and this is the kind of faith you need to have if your are to fulfill the calling on your life.” After, I accept my circumstances and face them with courage, and thankfulness—thankful to have the struggles that I have because they are sharpening the gift (s) I have and building my courage to write and share without fear.

If you have the courage to ask, have the courage to receive.  If you want things to remain the same, or to live a mediocrity life, don’t pray for something greater. But if you want the contrary, expect the responsibilities and accept the sacrifices you’ll have to make. Relationship is about exchange—nothing is truly free in life.



The Courage and Faith to use your Gift


5 thoughts on “The Courage and Faith to use your Gift

  1. Very thought provoking words because great faith requires great courage — courage to believe that God can and will do all that He says He will do and despite what you see around you and the opposite that comes your way, He will never go back on His word. Sometimes all we need is that heart of gratitude. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Melvin Davis says:

    Thanks for reading.

    I took a glance at your blog and after I read it, I knew you understood where I was coming from.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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  4. I am in total agreement with this post. Without faith, we have nothing. Faith, that beautiful unseen force, must be high in order to reach higher levels. I keep the faith everyday, even while surrounded by haters: people who want to see me fail. When all else fails, I gots my faith!


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