She is perfection to me so her footprints are perfect on me.

I hope you enjoy this poem titled, Beautiful



She sat before me bare in mind, body and soul.

I smiled as she smiled back sketching her beauty, but not with a drawing, but with words

She is everything to me, and I, the same to her.

Our love is not like human institutions that separate, silences and distances people and cause war. We have a relationship. We have harmony


“You’re beautiful,” I uttered with deep sincerity and a hint of humor

“Am I?” She laughed cutting her eyes away at me

In response, I continued to sketch what could not be denied


Sitting the pen down, I crawled over her. Her eyes widen—revealing the light of the sun in them. She took a deep breath preparing for what’s to come. She knew me too well

“You’re beautiful,” I rested my head upon her knee

“And so are you,” she whispered back from her spirit


I knew my woman’s taste, for a healthy diet makes things good. “Had kiwi today?” I said

“You’re silly,” She laughed, but quickly relaxed her face as I began to motion upon her

She uttered my name

“Shiissh,” was my reply


I kissed her delicate lips and she moaned solemnly—resting her hands on the back of my head.

Tears flowed from her eyes to her teat and her incomplete sentences I could not comprehend

I paused, looked up and whispered, “you’re so beautiful” and continued


I took her to a place beside quiet streams. She was in my place of comfort

She loved when I made love to this way because we were one. Her entire being was mine, and I, hers

She opened her eyes as if she awakens from a slumber

“I love you,” she panted “And I know you love me too”




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