A part of Me


A kiss on her lips, one on her cheek, another on her forehead, she looks up at me with hazy eyes smiling, trying to figure out what it was the captivated her

“Don’t stare too long,” I said seductively, returning a smile. “You might fall in love if you don’t know who you are, but if you stand in it, we’ll make something magical”

She continued to look beyond the my brown eyes—searching for the person that I hadn’t revealed to any other woman—she entered a part of my world


Soft white sofa she saw, and angels with their backs turn, plucking the strings of harps in harmony

“Where are we?” She became a bit scared their presence

“You’re in my world. Don’t’ be afraid. You’re safe,” I held her hand as one angel slightly turned to me like the light of the sun shining in it’s eyes


As we journeyed further, she felt something powerful, something overwhelming, and something that pushed forth tears from her eyes, as she held on to my hand tight again

Angels parted the way into my door of unconditional love

She held tightly as I walked into another room. She couldn’t believe it


She took a seat on the chair in front of her. She felt comfortable, at ease, at peace

“I given you a seat in my heart,”

An angel from above gave her a cup. She sipped, feeling relieved

“My faithfulness I give to you,”

She smiled, resting her head back on the pillow against the chair but the arm of it was a bit loose, panted—finally seeing the man I wanted her to see


As you can see, I’m not perfect

But it’s always my intentions to love you unconditionally


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