Success starts with giving, but it also starts with making a decision to be successful at what you’re gifted to do in life. Change is, and will always be, necessary.–Melvin Davis

It’s been a while, well maybe a week and a half or so since I blogged. I think I posted a few quotes a day or two ago, but to go from doing something everyday to doing it once or twice a week, you’ll stat to feel like you’re slacking a bit— although you may have legitimate reasons for giving your undivided attention to other things. For my sake: life outside of writing needed my attention, and it still does. I foresee changes (of course good changes) within my life in the next few months, and I want to be in position to respond to it when the time comes. We have to be in tuned to the voice of purpose and the hand of progression when it guide and direct you. When simply miss out on opportunities if we aren’t.

After devoting my undivided attention to other things that were going in my life, I have been cleared to start working on my second novel again, the sequel to Unconditionally Yours. While working on my first novel, I didn’t go out as much. I really didn’t date, which definitely shouldn’t be a problem since I recently made a commitment to being single. I have been instructed to let love flow naturally in my life. Although the beginnings of relationships aren’t perfect, there’s a certain tune and harmony that must be played for two to make a commitment:

Please check out my upcoming blog: Understanding the Importance of Timing: Being Patient for Love Will Bring Distractions. Picking up where I left off, in short, I cut out all aspects of fun to complete my first novel, and I think its time return to that place of discipline and focus. I still haven’t figure out how to balance work and fun, but I’ll get the hang of it one day.

In reference to the upcoming changes I hinted to above, which included making a commitment to being single, I’m also changing my cell number. I’m changing my # for the sake of cutting off distractions and eliminating potential ones. I can’t afford to be pulled in each and every direction.

This post was kind of random, but hey, I figured I’d share with you, my readers. While working on the second novel, I may post a few blogs or a quote or two here and there, as the inspiration flows, but a bulk of my time will be devoted to the novel, and getting my greeting card company off the ground.  As always, thank you for your support by reading and commenting on my blogs. You all have played a role in my growth as a writer. Your feedback is not taken lightly.


Upcoming Changes


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Changes

  1. Ariel Driskell says:

    It’s funny that you mention being successful starts with giving, so with that being said, I’m nominating your blog for the inspirational blog award. 🙂 I was nominated yesterday, and thought I’d pass it along to other fellow bloggers who have inspired me in some way, shape, and form. Check out my post tomorrow for the rules if you’d like pass on the award as well. 🙂

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