Through You

I look deeply into a woman’s eyes to talk to the person beyond the surface

And I open myself up for her to see because I want her to see my beauty–, as I look for hers—hoping she wouldn’t get lost in the translation of my power

She stared too long into brown eyes that she felt bare

We are now in tune with one another

Without words or touch, moisture is found below,

She yielded to my captivity. I smile

Trembled hands touched my face as she began to open up her essence to me

My full lips rested on hers without a pucker

I held what was precious to me

I part the pathways that lead to the Nile River

I sip from cool springs—a whisper follows in my ear

Eyes rotate into heavenly places

She is from above, so I am given the responsibility to please

I will love her unconditionally


7 thoughts on “Through You

  1. Anonymous says:

    Meaningful conversation leads to an intellectual intimacy that brings the desire to wait…wait for more. Waiting for that sacred moment that two people share. The simplicity pleases me. Your sincerity is a gift…that is why people often open up to you without knowing who you are.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      That is absolutely true: people can often pick up on certain things that allows them to feel at peace and comfort when they confide me.

  2. anonymous says:

    It is so interesting that you chose to use the “Nile River” as an analogous image. The ancient egyptians believed that the Nile River was a resource for their well being and that the water was life giving. Isn’t the essence of a woman life giving? The connection is powerful. “She stared too long into brown eyes that she felt bare” is another powerful line because of its versatility. It could mean bare meaning naked, but it could also mean vulnerable, exposed, honest, and natural. Your imagery is amazing and although slightly sensual, it reminds me of a Psalm. This could be interpreted many ways. I love working for deeper meaning.

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