My Phenomenal Woman

My Phenomenal Woman

How could I not kneel and kiss your hand out of reverence? You are a gift from heavenly places

How could I not communicate the matters of my heart to you? You are my wife. We are one.

How could I be unfaithful to you? I waited so long for a gem, a virtuous woman

You are a phenomenal woman

Your love language is easy for me to interpret because I listen when you open your heart to me

I make love to you, and nothing less, because you deserve my highest expression

I kiss you passionately because my love for you is fill with passion

You are a phenomenal woman

Your loving flows with milk and honey; my preference of taste

I love your imperfections, the way you address your concerns, so let’s talk

I love the way you walk, the way you wear you dress, because you have been shaped with the hands of angels empowered by God

You are everything to me

You are my phenomenal woman



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