Melvin Davis

This is What She Do To Me

Sweet, soft and gentle, her presence places an Egyptian synthetic pillow under my head, I lay in comfort

The touch of her hands graces the strings of my spirit–creating harmonious melodies

This is what she Do to me

A love within her is so powerful that it shakes the ground under my feet

I tremble not in fear because God sustains me

Her voice is angelic—singing awesome lullabies that sometimes I feel like I’m in Heaven—easing my pains

This is what she Do to me

She has a beautiful and discerning heart—allowing no man to place a veil over her face

Her bond with God is the most attractive quality about her that it makes me seek God everyday

Her anointing flows so-ever fresh, because she spends intimate time with God, oh my she’s bless

Observing the love of God in…

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