Understanding the Importance of Timing: Being Patient for Love will Bring Distractions Pt. I

For once it feels great to fully grasp the importance of timing and being patient for love. I’m standing on the tallest skyscraper of my life, slowly watching life, and my purpose fall into place. I’m at a place of solidarity with God, in the context of allowing Him to order my steps to my wife, thus ordaining all that I desire. But there’s something you have to be conscious of when you develop patience: Being patient for love will bring distractions.

A few weeks ago I made a commitment to accept, rather be content with the single life. That commitment embodied an understanding of timing and patience. My mind was set on ease–smooth sailing in allowing love to unfold naturally and without force. However, distractions started to come from different angels. Women started to approach me, and their approach was quite aggressive–making the distraction obvious and unashamed. And so was I tempted to inquire. But purpose whispered to me and said: “If you want my best. If you want what’s in my will, be patient for it. It’s going to come.” Those words prepared to be on a lookout for more distractions, and to be attentive to the “insight “and words of “advice” that come from impatient people who feel that you should be in a relationship because you look good.

When you’re heading up the right road, there will be objects and things in your pathway to persuade you or force you to get off the nearest exit when your destination is a bit further. But will you settle for what avails itself to you at a premature stage in your life because it look or sounds good? Taking second best will never bring you fulfillment.

Stay tuned for part II. I’m going to go more into depth.


3 thoughts on “Understanding the Importance of Timing: Being Patient for Love will Bring Distractions Pt. I

  1. Patience is a gift That only God can give And if we wait on it That is patience. you make waiting so much easier with the knowledge that you share keep us fulfilled as God continues to bless you

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Patience is truly a gift that I believe must be earned through trial and error and self-discipline. I relapse every now and then in that area. Contribute fear of being hurt or investing into something with no return, so I continue to pray for it, daily 🙂

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