Understanding the Importance of Timing: Being Patient for Love will Bring Distractions Pt.II

Timing plays a critical role in crossing paths with the love of your life. —Melvin Davis

In past and recent conversations I had with people about their failed relationships and romantic encounters, as well as reflecting on my experiences, sometimes connecting with someone on a romantic level isn’t just about attraction or being a great conversationalist. Love is about timing. 

We cross paths will people who are in different stages in life. Some people are still trying to discover who they are and what their purpose is. Others are thinking about where they want to relocate and potentially raise a family. Some are considering career changes or going back to school. Others are getting out of a relationship or thinking about heading into one with someone they’re unsure about. Many people like myself, feel at times, we are jeopardizing are dreams by sharing our time with someone who we feel will not be good fit into our lives in the future. Of course this wouldn’t hold to be true if we felt otherwise 😉 Wherever a person is at in life, and whatever is going on currently, will have an effect on your emotional state and our ability to be intimate.  Love is about timing.

Timing plays a critical role in crossing paths with the love of your life. You can meet the right one at the wrong time but the timing may not be right. Whereas, your heart desire will be revealed to you but the time to have it may not be. If you ever wondered why this occurs, here’s what I gathered: 1) what is shown to you at a prematurely serve the purpose of drawing you closer to God, thus strengthening your spiritual walk and relationship with Him. You have to know what must remain first above your heart desires. 2) What you can’t have now but is meant for you to have will mature you. In other words, maturity is key to starting a healthy relationship and maintaining one. Love is about timing.

You have to know once you develop patience for love, you will be tempted to take the first thing that fits you’re idea of the perfect soul mate. But don’t fall for it.  We all have a purpose in life, and what stands between you and obtaining what you desire, are distractions. Distractions will cloud your ability to hear and receive clear instruction. I rather wait ten years for love then spend ten miserable years with someone that I wasn’t suppose to give my heart to.

If you’re in a rush to be in a relationship, take the time to reflect why. What we desire are sometimes motivated by things that have nothing do with experiencing love. Feeling lonely is not a good reason to be in a relationship. Because you feel loved as a single person, along with your desire to grow with someone, good and never harm, and to compliment them, are good reasons to be in relationship.



One thought on “Understanding the Importance of Timing: Being Patient for Love will Bring Distractions Pt.II

  1. charry love says:

    Oh my gosh yes love does have a timing of it’s own. The right thing at the wrong time can feel very wrong. I used to think “love” settles everything, and it’s all that matters. Now I’m realizing those things you mentioned (where a person is in life, & the transitions they are going through) can affect their readiness for love. Things fall into place when it’s done in its appropriate time. Everything is beautiful in it’s time.

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