Something I Need to Do

Closed I was to you, I open myself up to see the possibility of what if

Opposites we were, a future I could not see with you because you discovered my faith is my reality, and yours, reason– added with a self-concept of faith.

I see the variances of colors in life. You see black and white. I’m an idealist, but I can’t disconnect myself from reality. I could never give my heart to a see to believe it woman

So I discarded you without second-guessing

A new day came and still I wanted to see the possibility of what if

A hi turned into I miss you and I found out you felt the same way

The time we spend together we discovered chemistry

Good feelings within us birthed passionate kisses and images of lovemaking

I see the possibility of what if, but there’s something I need to do first. I need to go to a place

Vivid signs are leading me in a direction I never saw coming, but I’m not surprised by anything.

There’s something God wants me to see, perhaps a second chance given or an opportunity to see the reality that a chapter needs to be completely closed, not booked marked

This overwhelms my heart a great deal. I’m scared, nervous and excited at the same time. But I have act in obedience

I have to reserve a part of me from you to see if a prayer has been answered

The more I think of you, I can see myself being with you

But until then, there’s something I need to do


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