For those who haven’t read it.
Note: I really don’t consider myself a poet, but at times I feel poetic. I take about 5-7 minutes to write my poems because I think it’s a great creative exercise.

Melvin Davis

My heart yearns to touch lips with her sweet nectar

My soul tugs to be with her the more. I can feel this feeling physically. God please calm me

Life sits still as I imagine her lying in the comfort of my arms

She laughs tugging on my ear as I read to her.

I glance down rubbing her plump cheeks

Butterflies gather around observing the nature of our beauty

The fly around slowly touched by the purity of our love

I traced the contours of her lips and she respond to my course of action

She faces me looking that the reflection of her love in my eyes

I taste her sweet nectar. My yearning is fulfilled

Her bosom against my chest, I feel heart beating to my rhythm

Tears of joy flow from the depth of her spirit, because I am her blessing

My spirit is overwhelmed by her love causing me share her sentiments

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