Shifting Your Focus from Love to Your Purpose

Your purpose will lead you to the love of your life.—Melvin Davis

Finding love in your purpose never occurred to me until I thought about my past failed romantic encounters. Coming across someone with great conversation, factoring great looks and chemistry, one would think a relationship would soon blossom. But as time goes on, you feel a bit on the indecisive side for some unknown reason, as you see it at the beginning. And further down the road, you or the other person eventually lose interest. Neither one of you can put a finger on the reason why you parted ways. There’s absolutely no point of reference to the end of what could have been. It’s not a coincidence for someone after being in a five year relationship and all of sudden they have to “find” their self and “see” what else is out there. Many people have these epiphanies because they don’t know who they are. And I’m sure you don’t want to find yourself confessing these words to someone you invested your time and energy with. But have you really considered the underlying reason relationships in the past didn’t workout other than that person not being the one? Think a little deeper. The answer is quite simple. Shift your focus from love to your purpose.

Your purpose is a part of who you are. Other can detect it in your personality and see what drives and stirs you, and the lifestyle you would like to live. It’s also an eye opener to what kind of person you can see yourself being with. With that being said, can you imagine seeking love not knowing what your purpose is?

Shifting your focus from love to your purpose will allow you the time to discover who are you. When I discovered my gift of creative writing, in conjunction to the higher calling on my life, it was there I began learn the various depths and wonders about who I was. The more I learned about myself, the easier it was for me to point someone out and list five reason why this or that woman would not fit well with me—no matter how indifferent they felt about what I observed was wrong. On the flip side of things, I could point out reason why I we good for this or that person.

Once you discover who you are, you’ll know what to look for. I have a clearer concept of the ideal woman in mind that I know I will marry. Such as a woman of a strong faith, one who is open minded and secure within herself, and a woman who is also patient and caring and affectionate, and more importantly, a woman who has a passionate and intimate relationship God. You see, a person faith will have an influence on how they respond to life and marital challenges, their ambitions, what a couple believe they can and cannot do. I know a woman who accepts life as is would hold me back, and would suppress who I am in the relationship.

Shifting your focus from love to your purpose will save your time, money and energy. There’s nothing like investing years into something that doomed to fail. Time is of the essence. It’s something you cannot by back. Keep in mind this isn’t the move Justin Timberlake starred in called In Time.

Shifting your focus from love to your purpose will eventually lead you the love your life. Because all the while your praying for God to reveal what your purpose is in life, that path and journey you will take, will open up the things you were meant to acquire in this life time. Purpose is taking me in a new direction, one that I had never imagined but did dream of.

You have a lifetime to find out what you’re called to do, but why take a lifetime to discover it.  Don’t be distracted or consumed with pairing yourself with that special someone.  Can you fathom meeting the love your life operating in their purpose but you aren’t there yet because you are so consumed with love. Two people who are together and know what their purpose is will not a sense of self. They will be two complete people in love with each other.

To spend a lifetime trying to seek love would end in heartbreak.


One thought on “Shifting Your Focus from Love to Your Purpose

  1. charry love says:

    This post opened my mind to a new perspective on how I think about love & purpose. I never really connected the two before, now it makes complete sense to me. I am happy you shared this insight. I’m learning new things just by reading your blogs.

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