The Introduction to How to Win Your Woman Back

If you love the woman you believe to be the one for you, pride will not be a matter in putting your heart on the line to win her back –Melvin Davis

Before I get into the heart of this message, I want to say upfront: this blog doesn’t serve the purpose of manipulating women or their emotions or to get them in bed. Pleas stop reading if this is the case. Women are a gift. They are the most beautiful beings on planet earth: A force, a power to be reckoned with because they bring balance, nurture and healing to a man’s life and much more. This message is for the guy who messed up a great thing. Perhaps internal and external circumstances or a lack of spiritual and personal maturity factored into the mistakes you’ve made. This is natural. Experience prepares us for what will ultimately be and to be a better man next time around. Maybe you were unfaithful. Unfaithfulness is something that should not be taken lightly. It’s like a fatal gunshot wound. Unfaithfulness can kill the life of a relationship, and only the power and forgiveness of God can resurrect it. This message is for the guy who is serious about the woman he’s ruined his chances with and feels deep down in his heart, this is the woman God has set apart for him.

I also want to place this thought in the forefront of your mind while you’re reading my blog: What I’m sharing will not guarantee you a second-chance. Only God knows. Only He has the power to undo the damage. If you feel your efforts may be in vain, stop reading. This blog is reserved for the man of great faith, for the guy who is willing to get hurt or disappointed. If you think she’s worth it, these fears should hold you back. To you who will follow these steps God has placed upon my heart in how to get your woman back, you will become a better person and a better man. Your relationship with God will be stronger than what it was before. I’ve discovered my purpose in my pain. I’ve matured spiritually and personally. I’m wiser and much stronger. I’m equipped to be the spiritual leader in a relationship.

There’s more good news in addition to growing as a man. That is what’s in God’s will for you to have will come into fruition. This is where faith comes in but there’s a catch. Your heart has to be fixed on God and not on the woman you believe to be your wife. Your heart desire cannot overpower giver of gifts. You have to search for your wife in Him. In Him are second chances given. In Him is healing to what was.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this blog series.

As always, thanks for reading. I encourage comments.


7 thoughts on “The Introduction to How to Win Your Woman Back

  1. I would walk through fire if I thought it would make her look up on me with that old look she reserved for me,i have never felt such internal pain and ive suffered enough of that in my life.I would give all that I have for even just the chance of a second chance…

    • Melvin Davis says:


      If she still doesn’t see you the same, as much as you don’t want to hear it, its best for you to move on. You don’t want the years pass and you’re still tied to her. I’m speaking from experience here. Let go, and move on. Focus on the things God has called you to. You will find someone who look upon you the way she did. Believe that. Trust God will present someone before your eyes at the right time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I dont realy want anyone else,we fit together so perfectly,and the guilt i feel is immense,not just for what ive dun to our relationship but to the hurt i have done to her an seeing it

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