I’m Ready for Love

I left work Saturday exhausted and tired–ready to hop in the bed, but as soon as I pulled up in front of my place, I received a call from work. I found out one of my clients haven’t received what she ordered. As pissed off as I was about driving back to work, I reserved a piece of mind to think there was another reason for driving back on 495. And there was.

On 495, I saw the same sign I’ve seen for the past few weeks–maybe about a month or so now. I really didn’t think much of it other than more confirmation so I couldn’t second, third or fourth-guess the upcoming transition I need to make. But driving back home from work, I saw the same sign again. However, this time, I felt something different, and here it is:

Giving the signs I’ve received, It was clear on the decision I needed to make, but my mind didn’t quite catch-up with my revelation. However, at that moment, while I was driving, and now that I think of, not being able to rest well in the past few days, I felt a surge of energy of readiness. As in, I’m really ready to make this transition. But relevant to the topic at hand, I also felt I was finally ready for Love. I really wasn’t expecting this epiphany. It was like a sigh of relief, an open clearance to have someone in my life again, as friend and lover.

It’s funny how when you don’t look for love because you have developed the patience for it and have focused on your purpose in life, timing will shift you in place to receive it. Timing is truly everything. I feel ready and confident, ready to be fully open and available to let someone in. I haven’t been able to say this in a long time, but I’m ready for love.

I’m excited for what this new chapter will offer in life.


2 thoughts on “I’m Ready for Love

    • Melvin Davis says:

      I’ve listened ‘Ready for Love” before. I haven’t heard it in years. I need to find it again.

      My journey will be a great one (We have to speak those things as though they were 😉 )

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