A relationship with the love of your life begins at the moment you develop a friendship with them. –Melvin Davis

To touch on what I shared on my Facebook page. too often people feel a relationship begins the moment after they sleep with a person. This is not the case–especially for men.

I believe a relationship happens, with the love your life, at the moment you take the time develop a friendship with them: you bond, you laugh, exchange life stories and ambitions, talk about each other’s faith and beliefs, find out what you do like and what you’re willing to love despite of a person’s shortcomings. A friendship a time to know all of a person so you’re not standing in love with half of them.

Remember, sex is not a means of building a platform to stand on something meaningful. If you, that foundation will soon fall when boredom because of redundancy, if you get my drift. Relationships blossom with strong, enriching and meaningful relationships. I think I’ll stop here.

Stay tune for my next blog “Friend’s Before Lovers: Building a Relationship to Last It’s Lifetime.”


What Foundation Are You Building Your Relationship On?


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