You Are

I kneel and kiss your hand soft because you are

You are worth the drive, worth the wait, so I will practice patience

You are beautiful, you are sexy, you are funny, and you are that which is absolute gorgeous, but because you are, I will not lift a finger of intimacy

You are worth developing something meaningful with

So I give you a tulip instead of a rose for now, because a friendship with you is my real chance

You Are

Because you are, I cannot conjure up such thoughts and feelings to paint, sketch or describe you. But because you simply are, let me try:

You are the note that sits in between untouched paper because eyes have never looked upon you the way I do

You are the sacredness in an imperfect tune

A cloud without grayness, rich soil that blooms flowers and trees. You are life

You are

You are the inspiration behind my writing. You are my sanctuary, my place of ease. I am a great man because you are

You are beautiful, Yes You Are

I know where you come from. I know who crafted and intricately shaped you.

You Are


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