My Proposal

Magnificent you are; you are the most beautiful woman my eyes have seen, the most beautiful voice my ears have heard. “Where are you from?” I continue to ask myself

Your spirit, so gentle, so pleasant, so sweet, so pure, so full of faith, so full of God, it speaks the same language of faith as mine. You are my true connection, my equal

I’d be honor to take you by the hand, to kneel at your precious feet, and utter these words that stems from my heart, soul and spirit:

I would love to spend the rest of my life with you

My faithfulness resides in the fact, that you are a gift from God, therefore you are a blessing I cannot take for granted

I want to be your best friend, you’re greatest lover.  I want the honor to be both

I want to love you until the day I see wrinkles on your face. I want to sit with you under the sun, in the cool breeze of night, feeling the mist of rain on our aces in a storm, recounting the day I first met you

But in our youth, let us enjoy these moments as if it was our last. Let us travel the world, photograph each other and monuments, and make love in intimate spaces. May I have that honor?

You are the woman I want to share my life and blessings with, to grow together in our faith and purpose in God

I would be honored to be your husband, and for you, to be my wife

Will you marry me?


4 thoughts on “My Proposal

  1. Lynn says:

    Breathe taking as always, refreshing and exhilarating as early morn’s dew. Captivating,alluring and quite intoxicating as the aromatic ribbions that swirl through the air of the finest floral boutique..Every woman’s dream and desire to be so adored by the one she loves.

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