Developing a Relationship with a Woman

Developing a relationship with a woman starts with an emotional connection. A spiritual connection will bring you closer to her. —Melvin Davis

 I want to say up front before you read further: I am no expert on relationships or women. I simply share my wisdom and musing for encouragement and edification. One of my Facebook friend’s once said, “I speak women.” That comment nearly had me tears lol. My blogs and quotes are inspired by past experiences. Other things I’ve written about, I believe, came to me by a way of prayer. Although I am single, and not married yet, I often pray to be a great husband to my future wife. In a way, as I continue to develop patience for love, the challenges I encounter, meanwhile, teaches me about manhood, and developing spiritual maturity. I want to be prepared for my wife. I also want a have good understanding about women before I meet the love of my life. That’s just me.

Since women are, by nature, emotional beings, you have to connect with her emotionally to develop an intimate relationship with her. An emotional connection can be established by being vulnerable and transparent. Yes, you will find women who are guarded because they have been hurt in the past, or for the reason they want to know if you could be trusted. A woman wants to know, that if she places her heart in your hands, would you break it? Would you mistreat her after you’ve worked hard for her time and affection? Would go from the charming to a mean and nasty one? Would you put smiles on her face instead of tears coming from her eyes? In order to gain a woman’s trust, she has to see who you really are, which calls for a man to be vulnerable and transparent. Vulnerability and transparency opens up the lines of good and honest heart-to-heart conversation. By a man revealing depths of him, whether being spiritual or in the natural, a woman has a chance to see sides of him he seldom shows to anyone. At this point, she actually has the opportunity to determine your worthiness or not.

Though vulnerability and transparency births great conversation, a spiritual connection with a woman will bring you closer to her (depending on the type of woman she is). Praying with a woman and sharing your relationship with God with her is an intimate moment that will inch you closer to her Because when you Incorporate prayer and share your personal relationship with God, a woman gets a chance to see how you handle adversity and respond to life challenges, thus, she will see your true strength: Women to feel secure by a man being a responsible man and a spiritual leader.

Whether she tells you or not, a woman wants to see how you would handle problems that arise in a relationship, because there will be some, no matter how good of a saint you are or claim to be. A woman wants to see how you would act when you’ve lost your religion and when the cloak of holiness fell off.

They are more ways of developing a relationship with a woman to explore, but I felt expounding on the emotional and spiritual aspect is a good start.


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