One of the most powerful things about love, is that it can bring two imperfect people together, grant understanding of each other, heal the wounds of their pasts, which makes the relationship more meaningful and worth the wait they endured for each other. —Melvin Davis

I’m sure you can tell by now love is topic that I love writing about. I’m passionate about it, mainly because, it’s so enriched in-depth and dimensions–it’s more than physical. It’s emotional and spiritual as well. I enjoy writing about love from the latter perspectives.

One powerful element about love is that it has the power to bring people together, regardless of their faults and weakness or ethnicity or religious affiliation. It’s also patient enough to provide the opportunity for understanding each other. It’s not a coincidence that love is patient. Equally importantly, love has the power to heal our deepest wounds from our past and present. We often think we have to be whole, in spiritual sense before we meet the love our lives. We can experience wholeness spiritually–yet walk around emotionally wounded. The great news about love is that it can heal those emotional wounds from past relationships or hurt cause by family. Be open to the love others have to offer to you. It maybe the healing that you need to start a new beginning.


One of the most powerful …


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