You Are My Queen

In the nude, your beauty reaches its highest pinnacle, sculpted like a queen who sustains and nourishes her temple

Your mind and intellect wakes me, stirs me with infinite satisfaction, you have yet to lose my interest

I kneel to kiss your hand, because the spirit of God within you sanctions me to

You have no idea how much you mean to me

You’re worth than the wealth I could ever obtain. I would choose you over it

You changed my life simply by your presence: I accredit my success to you

Without you, I am complete, but with you–you compliment me

I love everything about you

I’m glad I waited for you: you were worth the patience, worth the tears of

my deep yearning, worth every word in this prose

The best thing that ever happened to me was letting go of a past love. And the greatest

thing that happened to me was finding you

I’m thankful to spend the rest of my life with you


4 thoughts on “You Are My Queen

  1. I truly love when a man finally realizes that his woman is his Queen. We do have a mind with intellect that can keep a man very interested. A God fearing man is worth more than any wealth that could ever be obtained. When a man changes something about himself and gives credit to his woman for his success she is really complimented and loved by him. When a man loves everything about you he finds in you the greatest love of a lifetime.

    I’d like to say to Mr. Davis that when he does find the woman that God put on this earth for him she will not only be your good thing promised from God she will be highly favored.

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