Those who took you for granted before you went on to become something great, would have treated you differently if they knew better.—Melvin Davis

One hang up about humanity is that, well not all of us, we would treat people differently if we knew they would go on become someone famous or important in society–especially in the context of dating.

As I’ve listened to others talk about how they would respond if they met this or that celebrity, they would lay out the red carpet by going the extra mile for them in expressing their love and fulfilling their fantasies. But when it comes to the person they’re with or the person who’s not a celebrity, they’re less enthusiastic and aren’t willing to do the extra mile for their non-celebrity lovers. I find this disheartening when it comes to finding true love.

True love is hard to find these days because of this way of thinking. Today, we like to get to know others via text message or play waiting or mind games for the sake of having control over someone, or to have them as option. For What? When do we lay aside the mind and waiting games and show people who we really are so they can either learn us to love us or to leave us because we aren’t a good fit for them? Wouldn’t the dating life be much simple?

We often take others for granted because we arrived to some conclusion that this how they’re going to be based upon where they’re at in life or for the reason of their temporal financial and social status.

Be mindful who you’re taking for granted because you may not get a second chance.


Those who took you for gr…


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