Something About Her Loving

Cuffing what’s underneath Chaldean green boy shorts and my face against her neck, I inhale her perfume– setting me in a place of comfort

I hold you tighter, whispering incomplete silhouettes I love you and how sexy and beautiful you are, she clenches me tighter. It’s always wonderful to be her presence. She uplifts me, brings me to life

I lean back and stare at her thighs, thick like pancake mix

As I plant soft kisses against the canal, her soft scents anticipates reaching her loving

Damn she smells good, I said to myself, as smile smears on my face


One kiss touches her in the middle, following two more

A kiss graces her forehead, her cheeks, her narrow nose and her lips

Another touches sea level

I can see her currents now

Bare in the open on the hamper, amongst the spring scents of fabric softener, love can happen anywhere

I fiddle with kitten until I hear her love sounds. I’ll know then she’s alive

I dab more vigorously because her taste is tasteful one

Her fingers tickle my ear


Pulling her closer to me, we became one on a deeper level. Her warmth suspends me indefinitely. I don’t want to back away

I paddle deeper into her streams until I see tears fall from her face like a waterfall, so I can kiss them. She holds me tighter

As the intensity rise, her hair can be found in my hands, and her heals resting on my trunk

Ladies first will forever be my approach, so I let her walk through the first, and then I come after

She kisses me on my full lips to conclude the juncture and I return one of my own

I hold her delicately because I have something precious, something meaningful and something valuable


I love my wife because she’s many things I’m not, that why she adds and compliments me, and I, to her, am same


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