Finding Love in Your Purpose

The love of your life has to fit beside you in your purpose and never in the back of you because of their insecurities with who they are for the simple fact they don’t know who they are. –Melvin Davis

Many us are called to play a critical role in our communities and societies at large. Whether a pastor/preacher, professor, scientist, musician, artist, poet, writer, psychologist, social worker, medical doctor, beautician or any other professions that lends its self to aid the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignments from those who suffer pain or low self-esteem. Or to the entrepreneur or businessman who aims of getting out of poverty, not for the sake of experiencing financial freedom, but to break generational curses of their families, to raise a standard that would flagship the legacy of their families and culture generations to come, these are all purposes in which people have been called to do, and love plays a critical role within the midst of their purpose.

A few days ago I left the house asking God to speak to me through something or someone, or to make His presence felt. This is pretty much a daily routine for me. Where I’m currently living now, I have been sent here for a reason, and it’s important for me to stay spiritually focus so I don’t miss out on that reason. Getting side tracked comes has great consequences…been there and done that Anyhow, a few days ago, I found myself ministered to in GNC .A few questions about a product turned an hour and half conversation about my purpose in life. I was in awe for a few moments during and after our conversation, but I remembered the prayer I prayed before heading out the door that morning, In short, she told me to focus on God, myself and my novel, and not concerned myself with love because it’s not the time to. She also shared that if I felled to disobey God’s instructions, I could miss out what He really has for me. In sum, disobedience can grant you second best. She also confirmed things that were spoken over my life, in terms of the success of writing career, other things I have been called to do, and what put a smile on my face, having the option to choose and not being an option.

Because you’ve been called to do something that comes with great responsibility, if you haven’t found love yet, there’s a reason. Your focus should be on God, you and accomplishing that great task. I believe you will find love once you have fully committed yourself to your purpose or when you’re walking in it. Your purpose will introduce you to a different lifestyle and different people, hence, love. People feel you should be in a relationship because of what they perceive about you on the outside. But, you have to keep in mind that your life and purpose is different from the next man or woman. Never allow the pressure of family and friends to push you into a relationship. They may not understand what you’ve been set aside to do.

The love of your life has to fit beside you in your purpose and never in the back of you because of their insecurities with who they are for the simple fact they don’t know who they are.

Let love find you on your way into your destiny or once you get there.



6 thoughts on “Finding Love in Your Purpose

  1. I truly feel that unless you put God first in your life, we can not expect, count on, or assume that anything in our life will go right. Until we can love one another the way Christ has loved us we will never know how to love unconditionally.

  2. Marie Henry says:

    It has been a while since I have been on here to read and post! Well timing is everything right.

    This post resonated well with me because Friday night I was sobbing and having this similar conversation with a good friend of minds. We do let family, society, etc pressure us on when we should be married, have family etc, but it is God’s timing that matters and is important. While driving home Friday from work God had to remind me of what I said when I accepted my call and entered seminary, that I said I will not date or have a relationship during while in seminary and focus on Him, His word and His purpose. I was reminded last Friday that this is not my season for relationship because I need to focus on Him and His plan for me. Doors are opening up for me and I have to be honest and say if I was in a relationship now with my work, school and ministry schedule something would have to suffer and God knows what He is doing. Once I am where God wants me to be within my purpose, that mate will come and fall right into place.

    Keep up the good work Melvin and stay focus.

    • Melvin Davis says:


      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Walking in God’s will/purpose is a blessing, but there’s a price to pay: solitude and the sacrificing of fun is often the payment for walking in your purpose and for the blessing, that many people would not understand if they don’t have the kind of relationship you have with God. I’m thankful, and I’m sure you as well, for the people you have in your life who understand where you’re at on your journey.

      Your comment was a reminder for me to stay focused 🙂

  3. Marie Henry says:

    You are right about the price we are paying now to stay correct in our walk/journey, but the reward He has in stores at the end of the race is priceless!! That’s my motivation!! It’s hard when you see a possible mate and God says wait.. God has something and someone worth it all at the end, so be patient, obedient, and faithful through it all and watch all things come together. Sometimes it’s not about the end results, it is about the process/ journey we go through to get to the end results that shapes us into what He intended for us to be. God’s people hard work is never for nothing.

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