The Intro to The Workings of a Happy Woman: Keeping a Smile on Her Face

A smile on a woman’s face is a sign of the quality of your labor.–Melvin Davis

Before I went to bed last night, I read the scripture about Christ washing His disciples feet before His crucifixion. If you were familiar with this text, you’d understand that foot washing is a pure act of humility and service. After reading, without trying to apply foot washing to anything or anyone, the idea came to mind of couching foot washing in the context of marriage, in a way of how I would treat my future wife and how I believe a woman should be treated.

Unconditional love is an act of humility and service.

Throughout my dating experiences, I suffered some upsets, disappointments and a broken heart or two. I know when I meet my wife, I’m sure I would be overwhelmed with joy, because of what I mentioned above, the patience, and the constant challenge of keeping in mind God’s timing in allowing things to fall in place.

In order to cultivate a close, intimate relationship with a mature woman, and keep a smile on her face, you have to do something you haven’t done before. Furthermore, you have to engage her in a way she’s not accustomed to. Connecting with her on a spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical level will position you to keep a smile on her face.

So far, I have an idea of where this blog is heading but I’m still a little fuzzy. I do know Pt. I of this blog will start at the soles of a woman’s feet (relating foot-washing experience. ) More than likely, I will end with crown of her head, while working in the spiritual, emotional and intellectual aspect of engaging her.

Stay tuned.


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