Frustrated beyond her capacity, I kiss over her tears to put the joy back into her heart: I’m available to my woman

I take off her shoes, offering her my silence, because I know she wants to vent: I know my woman.

The relaxation on her face as I bathe her. I love this woman.

As lotion her back with Shea butter, she flinched when my lips brush against her shoulder: I know how to move my woman

I kiss the back of her neck down to her spine. She holds my hand: I know how to put a smile on her face

I usher her into my arms to sit on my lap: I know when to take control.

I whisper a sweet and sexy something’s into her ear: I have her love manual

I cover her hand in soft kisses:: She knows when I’m expressing my appreciation for her

When I look her deeply into the eyes before I kiss: She knows how much I love her.


5 thoughts on “Kisses

  1. After reading this to know that a man can think and treat a woman like this makes me realize how many times I have just settled in my life. Now I have had the time to Love myself I will not have to settle ever again. Thank you Melvin for writing on unconditional love.

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