The Workings of a Happy Woman: Keeping a Smile on Her Face. Be Present Pt. II

Apathy is one way to lose a woman’s interest, for another man to take her heart. —Melvin Davis

We often underestimate how important presence is in a relationship. It’s something that will determine the success and failure of it. And I believe it’s important for a man to know another way to be present with his woman other than physically. Emotional presence is what I want to explore in this blog. If you read part one of The Workings of a Happy Woman, I touched on an intimate moment such as foot washing. Foot washing is one way to relieve a woman from stress after a long day of work and to stir her loving. It’s also a way to engage her in conversation, this emotional presence.

Picking up where I left off in part one, after you’re done washing her feet, the next necessary course of action is to talk to her while you’re massaging and kissing her legs softly. Here, you can journey into the inner parts of her mind to find out how she’s feeling about life, you and the relationship, her job, the future, things she wanted to talk about with you but hadn’t had the chance too, and all other things that are pertinent to her. Empathy and sympathy is, in my opinion, the key to emotional presence.

Empathy is something I believe all women yearn for from a man. Empathy lets a woman know you have the ability to understand her as she confides in you. Understanding allows you to get under the sheet of her emotions so that when you make love to her, she’ll be engaged in mind, body and soul—thus making the climatic moment a memorable one. However, one thing that will definitely turn a woman off is a man’s inability to sympathize with her. When you fail to listen to her as she shares the matters of heart with you, or just in simple conversation—is that it’s going to send signal to her the you lack interest, care and concern. If you want another man to take your woman from you or lose interest in you, this is the way to go. Compassion will take you a long way.

As you continue to massage and kiss her legs, her thighs deserve the same attention. Stay tuned for part III.



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